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Experience The Sacred With Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Awakening is an experience irrevocably linked to God, whether we believe in God or not. It is a truly spiritual and sacred experience that, once experienced, is never bragged about or bandied about online. Through past life memory, I know that this topic has been clouded in mystery for hundreds of years and longer. A person who has had a real kundalini awakening will never brag, and probably won't even mention it, other than as a very powerful introduction to God.

With that said, we should look at what a kundalini awakening really is, how it opens us spiritually in a sacred way, and also what it is not. It can and does get confused with other phenomena going on within our bodies. Some may be mistaking kundalini awakenings with bodywork that goes on in our bodies by higher energy beings, usually at night. At first glance, kundalini awakening or symptoms may seem to be a similar thing to Ascension symptoms, yet I don't believe this is so and I shall explain why, starting with the subject of ascension symptoms.

Ascension Symptoms vs Kundalini Symptoms

Ascension symptoms are a list of physical, mental and emotional symptoms that a person experiences when they start on a spiritual path back to their higher self and soul. It is called 'Ascension' because it is a rapid rise in vibration of the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Through Ascension, a person's whole life and outlook go through radical changes, yet we all experience these same changes and there is a list of them. If you are going through any strange upheavals and find yourself on a newly discovered spiritual path, you might think you are going nutty until you realise you simply have the same symptoms as many others on the same path, and this is all good.

Full Or Partial Awakening?

The term kundalini awakening is not a great term because it can mistakenly infer a full awakening, or a full ascension.

When we are having a true kundalini experience, it is an awakening in a way, yet rarely a full awakening into enlightenment. Many people experience shades of enlightenment that unfortunately do not last. It is a life-changing event, perhaps just a prelude of things to come. It will reveal the sacred to us. But rarely is it a full awakening and this is the problem with our understanding of the term.

Most who have had an awakening have often long since returned to a more mundane state of consciousness. The awakening seems to come, wake us up to a certain level, before fading once more over time, over months or years. Humans are not yet ready for a full blown awakening. Once a full blown awakening occurs, we ascend out of physical matter and become higher dimensional.

Yoga Tradition

Teachings regarding kundalini (I dislike that word because its meaning is confused) have thousands of years of mystery built around it. Kundalini is something people want to feel and experience since it's been discussed as long as yoga has been around. Yoga exercises (hatha yoga - or yoga of the body) has been practiced forever in India, and it is all about the health of the Etheric Body. In the west, we use hatha yoga to exercise the physical body by doing asanas or postures, not truly understanding the link to the etheric. However, hatha yoga is the exercising and freeing up of the etheric body and its functions. Every exercise is designed to free up those blocked channels in your etheric body. Yoga directly stimulates and awakens to some degree your chakras. It is like acupuncture that stimulates certain channels (or nadis) to remove energy blocks and keep us in perfect health. When yoga became popular in the west, people started doing it without truly knowing what it is they are doing. It is no mistake that the tradition of yoga comes to us via very disciplined yogic disciples intent on spiritual liberation. It is very healing.

Kundalini And Yoga

Kundalini and yoga are inexorably linked. People who do a lot of yoga and meditation are bound to have kundalini experiences since both of those disciplines open us directly for kundalini awakenings. Those are true experiences of allowing the energy to rise upwards and enlighten as it does. I found a channeling that can be read here  that describes this very simply and well. In days long ago when I did yoga and meditation, I had success with kundalini rising although it wasn't the goal, so I know that both yoga and meditation can produce these results in almost anyone. As the suggested article mentions, once our kundalini has been able to ascend to the crown chakra and pass through, we pass an initiation and gain direct knowledge that we are spirit. The kundalini can then drop down again, or become dragged down by the earth's heavy energy as is usually the case. There is a large portion of the population who are fully aware that they are spirit, and all of these can be said to be kundalini awakened. Those who are blocked need to cleanse each chakra of lower energies so that the higher can break through to the top. The difficulty may come in keeping the kundalini flowing up and out of the crown, rather than being a quick experience that fades - although even the quickest of divine experiences still leaves us changed.

An Awakening Or Bodywork?

Symptoms of kundalini awakening may be confused with more mundane etheric phenomenon associated with spiritual procedures by our angels doing bodywork on the etheric body. Such bodywork symptoms include:
  • energy going through the body, arms and legs (actually through the etheric body but felt in the physical body and most probably affecting it),
  • sensations of crawling energy, heat, pulsing, tingling, involuntary jerking,
  • pain like a needle going in especially around the feet area,
  • energy traveling through your channels, sometimes even up the spine and out of the crown chakra,
  • or more commonly energy escaping out of the hands and feet which are pulsing,
  • something that feels like a sowing machine or some other machine doing little pricks all over your crown,
  • soreness the same or next day in your nadis/meridians
Sounds like it could be kundalini, especially with the spine reference, but what this may be is our angel team working on us day and night, most especially at night when we are resting and sleeping. Our angel healing teams are helping us to integrate the light coming to Earth from the Central Sun, and helping to upgrade or evolve our DNA.

Spiritual Procedures

We have specialist angels, helpers and guides who are presently working on humanity to fix issues within our bodies, both physical and etheric. They have permission to do this and we have agreed to this before birth onto earth, for it is a large part of our spiritual awakening. The earth is waking up after an incredibly long slumber. For us to embrace something new and more spiritual, we need much fine tuning of our bodies to allow the spiritual energies to enter, rise, flow and circulate. Each night, little procedures may be done to our bodies to support this and expand our energy channels. This is done to the etheric body, which is being supported to change and expand.

It is happening so much that doctors are scratching their heads over what these new symptoms could be that their patients are reporting. Of course most doctors do not listen to angels who could explain what was going on. You will however notice the sensations happen most often as soon as you begin to rest, or when you first lie down, and it will start up within five minutes usually and the energy begins to flow. I have so much energy coming through my hands, which pulse, that I place them on my chest, head or other parts and enjoy a nice reiki healing. When I do this reiki, the sensations throughout my body become even more intense. When my body has had enough, the reiki automatically stops. If you are curious about energy, you can lie down and ask your angels to bring through healing energy in your hands, wait as it begins to come through, then place your hands on any area that needs healing or support. This is close to reiki healing, although without the attunement specific to reiki.

The angels are presently telling us, through clairvoyants and channels, that they are fine tuning humanity to the new energies that are available. Kundalini sensations of energy rushing up the spine is energy running up our etheric spine, which is a large, clear channel that distributes energy to all of your etheric body and chakras. Our etheric channels are being cleaned, and this is what I get psychically as I write this. What some people are mistaking as kundalini awakenings may be angelic fine tuning of the sushumna energy channel. Having a clear, wide sushumna leads to a very crystal clear mind and clear seeing of things both practical and spiritual.

Untruths And Sensationalism

Be aware that there are a lot of exaggerated stories online that, when reading between the lines, tell of partial awakenings. I am always wary of those who tell fantastical tales of dramatic kundalini awakenings since I have seen behind the scenes too many times (with spiritual teachers), and sometimes motives can be clouded with ego. Usually those who tell such dramatic tales do so to sign people into their seminars and courses, so be aware of this! Research those who make these claims because nine times out of ten they are teaching a course on it.

Such tales are written with an intent to make readers feel inadequate, or to desire the excitement that the teacher experienced. They then sign over thousands of dollars expecting to awaken their kundalini and become instantly enlightened (unfortunately lasting enlightenment is rarely instant). I've seen this illusion practiced many times and people are eager to part with any amount of cash to have a dramatic, spiritual experience. Then when it doesn't manifest, they are left feeling even more inadequate as the charismatic teacher informs them that maybe another of their courses would suit them better, if they just spent a little more money.

Dangers Inherent In Forced Kundalini Awakening

Ancient Indian teachings that have been passed down for millennia tell us that to play with such primal, powerful energies is disastrous if we do not have a teacher to advise and watch us. To have full kundalini releasing from its safe house and rise is unusual and would spell disaster for most of us as it is incredibly dangerous. I would never try to undertake this and have been warned against it.

Most of all, kundalini is not about ego. Having energy moving up the spine does not make us instant Masters. Because it is happening to most of us, it is becoming normal. We can't help anyone by sensationalising this phenomenon. I hope this article is helpful in clearing up some of the common misconceptions around this subject. Let's move kundalini teachings out of the realm of mysterious and sensational, and make them normal. Let's do justice to this interesting topic.

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