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Angelic and Spiritual Connection

This website is about empowering people to contact their angels or spirit guides and learn how to use these unseen spiritual helpers to the best advantage. My own angels inspired me to set this up because over the years I have learned many techniques that have helped to make my life easier, just by using my angels to help me. The angels or spirit guides are loving beings that are older than us and are with us always to guide our way when we are on Earth. By following the links at the bottom of each page, you can learn more about them and ways you can ask for their help. Or visit a list of all articles on this site.


There is a wonderful power that is intrinsic to ourselves and our universe called the Power of Creation. We see it all the time around us in our world and in her inhabitants, the creative urge, the idea to build, make, manifest what we will. It begins with an idea, a thought process, followed by planning and desire to create an object, effect, outcome or whatever we want. Creation follows an orderly pattern if we just knew it.

Beyond our world - planets, stars and whole galaxies are being created and destroyed all the time. So how can we more greatly use this force in our lives? Is there more 'out there' than we currently believe?

The truth is we have layers and dimensions beyond our current understanding and we have those who can help us in achieving what we want and also help us in crisis. We may call them angels, guardian spirits, the name is not important only that we realise they are there always with us constantly, and herein is the simple principle of Asking. Have we not been taught; 'Ask and ye shall receive'?

This website is all about Asking. Communication with our angels is something we often don't realise we can do. Because they wish our lives to be made easier, they stand ready to offer help. It can be for simple things like imagining something we need and asking our angels to lead us to it in a store or online, the perfect thing that we can imagine. It can be about wanting to find a new job, or the perfect home to live in. In fact, this asking is unlimited, it can be about almost anything. You must believe your request sent out to the universe is heard and is powerful. Because the act of asking is the most simple of ideas, we may dismiss it as pointless. Yet anyone who has manifested their greatest dreams has asked for them one way or another. The power is there just waiting for us to tap into it. For this is a law of nature that to have, you must first Ask.
So who are these wonderful angels and spirit guides who are ready and willing to help us and bring us what we need? Contact Your Angels

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