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The Does The 'Runner' Run?

The overwhelming dynamic in any twin flame relationship is the dynamic of the runner and the chaser. Before a relationship can truly take hold, one of the pair usually opts out of the intense relationship and flees. They literally run. When they do, the heartbroken stayer must make do as best they can with their broken heart. In time, the stayer begins to question what really went on. Why did he/she run? Was it something they did or said? This article sheds light on the twin flame runner's perspective.


Why Do Twin Flames Run?

We have to understand firstly that twins are often at completely different levels of understanding. One twin is usually known as the 'self aware' one, whilst the other is blindly living in the dark, being much less aware and together. Whilst they may be together in a worldly sense, spiritually speaking they may be living unconsciously day by day, not aware of their own motivations and driven simply by feeling.

When they run, they usually just take off, not even knowing why, perhaps not even caring why. For them to analyse their own actions may be altogether unfamiliar. They can be creatures of instinct more than conscious reasoning, and this is truly painful for the twin flame 'stayer', the one who doesn't run.

Overwhelming Feelings, The Runner's Perspective

As we get down to the nitty gritty, we realise that they run, not because they don't love us, but because they DO. Yes, it is one of those ironies of life that are ever so inconvenient. The more they love us - remembering this is a new and unaccustomed love - the more they have to get away from us. Being on the receiving end of this myself, I know how it feels. At the time, the stayer is devastated! Then as the years roll on, they can come to understand what may have happened and why.


The Soul SHOCK Of Twin Flame Relationships

There is something known as soul shock when we meet our exact mirror soul mate, our twin flame. They are the other half of who we are. They are our eternal spiritual partner, they are us.

When we finally meet this person, the connection is often obsessive and uncanny for both. It shocks us to our very soul. Right now many people are meeting their twin flames, whom they haven't seen in physical incarnation for a long time. The more conscious twin will be just as shocked as the runner twin, but perhaps better able to deal with it. The stayer twin will analyse the situation and face it head on. They are willing to give anything a go, willing to risk it all. They only want more of their twin, and will face the fear willingly.

Not so the runner. We have to try to understand things from the runner's perspective. They are not trying to hurt us, not usually anyway (some twins can be emotionally damaged, and may be accustomed to making love into a battle field). Usually they run out of blind fear. Do they know why they run? I don't believe many of them truly do. They are faced with change, and so they react the only way they can, to run.

Afraid Of Change And Waking Up

Couple On BeachNot all of us wake up spiritually at the same time, in fact it would be strange if all twin flames were in exactly the same place when they met each other. One twin is always a little ahead of the other. I believe the one that is ahead is a catalyst of great change for the behind one, if they dare to take the challenge and stay. The fact that most, if not all, run is a testament to how scary that challenge truly is.

Not everyone wants to take the fast road to spiritual or self awakening. When we awaken spiritually, the first thing we do is to start taking responsibility for all we have done in the past, and OWN it. Depending on the life the runner has lead, they may not want to take responsibility for any of it.

They may not have treated people very nicely, they could be lacking in many ways, and to stay asleep is nice and comfortable for them because then they don't have to face it. It is their choice to take a slower road if that is less scary for them. They are still waking up, but in their own time, rather than be with their evolved twin who is more 'together'. Such a relationship brings up lots of issues for them, issues we could not imagine. We don't have to like the fact that they run, but at some point we do have to accept their choice and try to come to terms with it, even if that process takes years.

Does The Twin Flame Runner Feel Pain?

The runner numbs and denies their pain so, at first, they don't feel a lot of pain. Or rather, they ignore it - big time! But the pain is there nonetheless, and eventually it will find its way to the surface to be felt and experienced. This is when twin flame regret beings for the runners who just couldn't stay. They begin to regret what could have been and what they lost.

Does The Twin Flame Runner Return?

Usually a runner will eventually turn into the chaser and start to chase their twin. So yes, normally they will come back in some capacity, even if it is a chance meeting and they say they want to try again.

It is karmic in many ways, this turning of the tables. Unfortunately, the one they chase has moved on, processed the devastating pain caused by the runner leaving, and will usually only want to be friends. This is the overwhelming pattern in most such relationships. Time is what is needed the most to gain perspective for both parties. With a bit of love and understanding, we can fully move on from the pain of the runner running. Even though we only have one twin flame, we do have many soul mates, so happiness will always find us again.

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