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Chimera Spiders - Their "Matrix" Falls

It is hard to find information on the Chimera but I just found a bunch of intel. These are basically enormous Spiders, even up to 10 meters long, and they live underground on earth in giant webs. They are basically in Africa and China that I know of and they have been here for millennia. Any aversion to spiders you may have may well stem from them and the times they used to roam above ground eating humans. I know, gross. They are currently being killed off by the Galactic Federation and are nearly gone, thank goodness. The GF have so far eliminated them from space destroying all but a few of their ships (2021) and are currently killing off the last of them underground. The Queen and King spiders used to be in Africa and they have the last of them surrounded, so it is a matter of time. Unfortunately they have thousands of humans down there as hostages which is what makes it a little slower in removing them.

The Queen spider was apparently the backbone of many dark things that happened to us including global child abuse networks. Now that she is finally gone (i.e. repurposed in the Great Central Sun) we will see many of these networks failing on the surface and already a large number of children have been rescued, most of them I believe. They are often taken off world to remove all the trauma they underwent, to heal and so on. I found this info today on a website called 2012 Portal, and you can go read it.

Apparently when the last of the Chimera are gone, and it is very close, then wonderful things are going to start happening fast. The Dracos are basically gone from the earth, except for those who got stuck incarnating as humans on this world. If you terrorise this planet, you get caught up in the karma system here and you can't get out. They are mostly politicians, bankers, lawyers, celebrites and the like, because they like power and influence. I just found out that many Dracos came to earth from 1996-1999 to enter human clone bodies to become these clones we see on TV everywhere. For example Hillary has at least four clones, of different heights and ages. No need to worry though as the real Hillary has already been repurposed in the Great Central Sun. Bit of good news there.

Right now, with most of the Dracos gone, we are really just dealing with the surface Cabal. This is great news. Now the Galactic Federation is coming for all of them as the last stage, after the last of the Chimera are gone. This is brilliant and we have finally won.

Update 26th May 2021:

What I am learning is that the Chimera were even above the Reptoids (which now makes some sense that they are the last to be cleared off this world). In other words the Reptilians were slaves to them. Yes, what a shock but it makes sense. What has just occurred is a rescue of several people from a base in China. I am not willing to state my source, and I should note errors in the 2012 Portal website as they also have to put in disinformation, so don't believe everything you read there. I did notice a few errors and now it seems it is deliberate. But they have been saved by a remarkable woman who went in with the angels, Ashtar, God and a bunch of them and lifted them clean out. They have sat there for years in that bunker. They have been tortured, killed and brought back into clone bodies. I can't believe it took someone willing to go in there. But I have to say she left many behind and I fear for them. Who knows that kind of anger will be taken out on those left in there. Overall, she has done an amazing thing!

I've learned that with the Chimera, they actually don't tell their warriors anything about what is happening. What we find is when the leader is taken out, the warriors literally don't know what to do. They tend to just surrender. The leaders of the Chimera don't let them in the loop; they literally don't know. This is fascinating and a real weakness. They are nearly wiped out! Next, we move onto the removal of the Deep State/Cabal, and that should be easiest. I am thinking just months. We will have our planet back in just months from now. We will be only the Light here on this planet. We can begin to rebuild this world and get rid of all the dark traps (i.e. currency is a dark trap). We will make energy free, remove all taxes, etc, just look up Nesara. Nesara is where we have all this info.

A Note

I could not find the Chimera referenced in Elana Danaan's book, and I noticed today Amazon removed that book from sale. In other words they censored it. Of course they did, it reveals most of the players from outer space that are here on Earth. What a damn shame, but I have full confidence it will be back as the surface Cabal players start to fall, particularly when the website of Amazon hits the courts along with other media networks who are censoring us. And the big one, when Google itself falls. That will be an interesting day.

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