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Win a Clairvoyant Reading

Competition currently closed
Win a One Question Reading

This is a reading on a specific question, this is different to a general reading. These are short readings of 50-100 words. An example of a question reading is:
  • when will I buy a house
  • will my relationship last
  • will I have a boy or girl
  • do you see this business idea working
  • will I have a relationship with him/her
  • how soon will I get a promotion
  • and any other issue except those outlined below **
My 1 Question web readings are to the point on any problem or issue you have. I provide you with whatever I sense and pickup about the future. They are at least 50 words long but often a bit longer. When I read, I connect to your spirit guides or guardian angels. I read clairvoyantly and I am also a channel so often I bring through messages verbatim from the spirit world. All of this is designed to answer your question and provide insight from spirit. This is always done in a loving and nonjudgmental way. You can ask spirit just about any question, as long as it is specific. You can provide extra details if you wish as it is easier to answer a question more specifically this way.  A paragraph of extra details gives me more to consider as I answer your question.

What I need: Your name, Your Date of Birth, Your Country of Residence and Your Question. If the reading involves another person, you will need to provide their Name and Date of Birth where known. Note: I cannot read on additional questions, only the ones purchased. If extra questions are sent, the additional ones will be ignored.

** I cannot read on medical issues, instead see a medical professional. No health readings. I cannot read on investment outcomes, share prices, company profits, games of chance, gambling or things of that nature.

To Enter

To enter, simply go to Contact Me and send me your details through the Contact Form with 'Competition' in the subject line. Make sure the email address you give is correct.


The next winner will be drawn on December 16th. The winning reading will be posted online with all names and identifying details changed. Please bookmark this page and check back to see if you have won. The winner will also be notified by email. Thanks for entering!

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