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7 Steps To Past Life Remembrance

Are you curious about who you were in your past lives on earth? Did you have a life lived somewhere far away, exotic or intergalactic? Many of us have a need to know more about our vast history on Earth knowing we've been here before. Believing in reincarnation is common and not just limited to Buddhists. You may even possess strange memories or urges around other countries and periods throughout history. The good news is it isn't hard to spark your past life memories; in fact it is basic and easy, as easy as meditating.

To read about the technique for past life remembrance, scroll down to the bottom of the page. First we need to cover some basics before you plunge into this exciting adventure.

Past Lives

1. Use An Expert Or Go It Alone?

If you're curious enough, you can start to remember right now at home, either alone or with a friend. Then again if you wish for some expert help, you can visit a Past Life Regressionist, an expert who helps unlock what's inside of you. It makes little real difference which method you use as both are essentially the same and involve exploring what is in your mind. You may get better results with a professional, and this may be good if you feel tentative or worried. However, self trancing with the aid of a friend can yield great results, speaking from experience.

2. You're Exploring Your Own Mind

The process of regression is to put yourself into a trance-like state, or hypnotic state, so you can easily remember startling things from before this life began. We've all experienced being different sexes, religions, professions, and cultures. You may see a life that's very different from your current life, one that seems exotic, or it may be a life that was fairly recent and not that different - it really depends on your own Higher Self which life you remember.

When I did a past life regression, for example, it was because a friend was curious. She relaxed me and lead me back to the past life that popped up for me, which was interesting. I'm Australian, but I remembered living in England (so not much different) in the 1800's. I was in a nice house that seemed old fashioned. I remembered being a busy woman with many appointments but there was no trauma in that life. It was calm, settled and my approach was intellectual and organised. I worked out who I was - I was told about a life which all fitted together. We all have many lives, sometimes hundreds of them, upon this earth and for a few of us this may be the first lifetime on this world.

3. Remembering For A Reason

You may have a burning curiosity for more information about the past, but many use this as a healing therapy to get past a certain fear or heal issues within them. What if you had an unusual dread of water and couldn't work out why? They may progress back to a time where their ship sunk and they drowned. Such a traumatic event is remembered subconsciously in future lives and by progressing back, they can start to work through the event and slowly overcome their irrational fear.

Or perhaps there is a block around a present person, family or good friend, and by regressing they can discover more information to cast light on present situations in a helpful or healing manner.

4. Remembering People

We tend to reincarnate over again with the same souls, either friends or sometimes enemies, and some of this is for karmic purposes. Those we have relationships with are often around us for many, many lifetimes but in different relationships. For example someone that was a good friend in your past life may be your sister in this life.

Through regression we can look back at bothersome relationships to see how problems started, and see the issues. If you can channel or talk to angels you may get more information about people as well. I remember seeing a man once and believing immediately that I knew him well and he was my best friend. This was very strange indeed. I also knew after a few minutes that I also didn't trust him. It was an overpowering knowing. After thinking about it, I realised I'd known him past life and my angels said he'd cheated on me. So in this life I decided to steer clear despite the strong love feelings. I processed years of anger over someone I barely knew before I let it go. That is called working off karma.

5. Remembering Places

Have you ever gone to a new country or seen pictures and thought, "Hey I know this place"? We've all lived before in many different cultures. When you are beginning your past life regression, ask your assistant to prompt you about a certain country and concentrate on it as you go. It can be very surprising what comes up. There are ancient places you may have lived like Egypt, Atlantis, Sumer and many more.

6. You Are Still 'You'

What's interesting about past life regression is you're still YOU, with a few differences. Basically you will still think the same about most things. You may be poorer or have a great wealth, but inside you're the same. We change slightly over lifetimes but you will recognise you.

Much information may come to you about how you feel in that life or what you're doing. You may know about others around you even if you don't see them. You may know your profession, your social standing, and your country. Simply accept what comes to you and allow it to continue. You can always judge it later but whilst in the trance, allow it to flow like a movie. Past life regression doesn't take hours; it may be 30-60 seconds. You can get a lot of information in that time.

7. Method Of Regression - Achieving A Trance-Like State

The following is a simple method producing the trance you need, allowing past life details to come to you. If you're already experienced at meditation this should be simple to achieve. For the keen, purchase a book about Past Life Regression that contains various techniques to access these memories.

  1. Lie down either alone or with a friend and start to breathe deeply and relax. You want to put yourself into a suggestible state of mind where you can remember things easily. This technique also works for repressed childhood memories and is powerful enough to bring back long forgotten emotions.
  2. Your friend can direct you, and you should be very relaxed but still able to speak. If you want to, go through each muscle group, relaxing them consciously until you are feeling more deeply under. Your mind will easily recall things. If it's from a past life, be aware that it may feel like you're 'making it up' as things come to you. You must learn to trust and not discount anything you see, feel or hear.
  3. This technique begins with a prompting (either from someone or yourself) to begin focusing on your feet. What shoes, if any, are you wearing? Can you see your feet, are they big or small? What kind of ground are you standing on. This should take you immediately to the most relevant memory. Discern how old you are and your gender. How do you feel? Are you thinking about anything interesting at this time?
  4. If with someone, start to tell them what you can see. Are you inside? Is it a significant event? Simply sense all you can. Whilst this all sounds simplistic, it is in fact very powerful. Follow the memory. Your friend may pose questions as you describe things. Make a list of questions before you start so they know what to prompt you with. Allow a short time between questions as you tune in to consider what was playing out at this time.
  5. If you become upset by a bad or negative memory, remind yourself that you are only seeing a memory. You are safe at home and are not affected. If with a friend, they can remind you of this if needed, and can pull you out if you seem overly distressed. They may count to three and prompt you to awaken when they reach three, asking you to wiggle your fingers, arms or legs to come back again.
  6. Take a moment afterwards to sit quietly and try to remember all you have seen. You may wish to take notes whilst it is still fresh, as you will forget details over time. Note down all that was important, including your age, gender and country.
  7. You can see from this exercise alone, you've gained a wealth of information about yourself. Take some time to decide if it's real or not, as usually this is a bone fide memory. Note your emotions as stronger emotions will reveal the validity of the regression.
Congratulations, you now have your first past life regression.

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