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Love & Embrace Your Past

Learning to accept and love our past is possible over time and we can even learn to hug our past self, the one that did those things we regret. There is a magic that can occur as we look back with deep healing and forgiveness. We all have a past, let's face it, and sometimes there are events that hurt too much to look at. We tend to carry hurt and pain which can affect our NOW, and this isn't healthy. We can actually transform our own past with patience if we look back with a little love.


How Can We Heal The Past?

We do this kind of healing when we're alone with our thoughts. In a way, we travel back in time whenever we remember something we wish we could change. We usually think of loved ones and people who meant something to us, remembering conversations we couldn't understand at the time. Sometimes we range over many memories involving people trying to get the flavor of it and seeing things from their perspective. Why did they say or do that? We do this so we can solve the mystery of the past by looking at our own actions and then thinking of theirs. Complex memories need piecing together to get the lesson from it. When a memory is very painful, we may not even look at it for awhile.

Some past events are painful to recall so we wait years before we finally understand or "get" it. Often humans need to feel hurt over and over in their memory whilst trying understand it. By doing this, we always come to a healing at some point, even if it takes decades. We eventually come into an awareness that we forgive the past because, perhaps that is just how it was. We realise that at that time, it couldn't be any different, and maybe things had to be done wrong. This is how we begin to move on and put it behind us completely. We need to love the past in order to forgive it, and very unlovable things CAN be loved at some point when we are ready.

Events That Were Traumatic

In order to move on from sad or traumatic events, we need to make some kind of peace with them, and this can sometimes take a lot of time to achieve. Especially violent or dangerous events can leave a nasty taste that we think could never be forgiven so we carry the memory with us for the rest of our life, convinced we could never forgive this person their crime, or never forgive another event for what it took from us. As long as we feel this way, we also keep suffering, we keep reliving it and holding on. We may not be interested in forgiveness. Yet time can heal a lot of things, even such things as these if given enough time. How does this healing feel when we come to it?

If you've been a victim of violence, rape, or the murder of someone you loved, its possible to come to a "kind of" peace after you have fully relived the experience many times. Such events can be random, or sometimes our own soul agrees to go through such an experience in order to make us stronger. Whether there is a lesson or not, its possible to learn to let it go and move on. The main components to moving on are time and acceptance. Sometimes we cannot forgive a person no matter how much time passes. In this case we get another chance in the afterlife to choose acceptance if we wish. We heal ourself if we can understand the experience or accept what happened.

When we find acceptance, we realise "this is what happened and I am okay with it now". Eventually it stops hurting and that is when we let go, accept and move on, usually for our own sake. Once we realise that the perpetrator is simply a bad person, with bad intents in their heart, we may even forgive them because they couldn't help being bad. This always feels good as we let go of the memory. We put it to bed and just let it be. Sometimes the universe seems unfair to us and none of us can avoid that. We have to let it be.

Mercury Retrograde

It is a strange fact that we often revisit the past mentally during the mercury retrograde period, which occurs 3-4 times a year and lasts for three weeks a time. It is when mercury appears to travel backwards from our vantage on earth, yet in reality it is always forward moving. During these breaks, we tend to look at the past and any bad memory that recurs strongest. We become more quiet and thoughtful during this period and dwell more on the past. It feels like we are doing inner work, even though we don't choose to do this. It is a quirk of the retrograde, one we are obliged to follow.

Each mercury retrograde, the same issues may recur to you as you slowly work through them. We always do this in parts, never all at once. We can travel back to our earliest memories or things that happened twenty years ago. We dwell on them and think them over, usually unhappily as it is unhappy memories often that need the healing. We may do this 3-4 times a year just for a few weeks at a time. Each time we get closer to healing, though it is so slow we may not even notice the progress we are making.

We get stuck in the past for one or two weeks and it can depress us, then the retrograde ends and we snap back to the present. It is often a good idea to work with these periods and try to allow painful memories to come if they need to. You will know it will end again in a week and you can start to get back to normal again.

Loving Your Past Self

Lastly, we can often be unkind to ourself, especially the more innocent 'you' who lived in the past, the one who made those mistakes or did very regretful things.

First of all - forgive those mistakes! Sometimes people do something awful and are so ashamed they believe they might as well keep being bad. Please don't ever think this. If you've ever done wrong, even something big, you should always forgive and send love to yourself. We truly all make mistakes and even evil things can be forgiven. It's important to give yourself credit because you now know it was wrong. Resolve not to do it again. Once you give up on yourself, you could go down a bad road and really mess up. So forgive YOU. You are so worth it.

Sometimes we have events in our past like being bullied; in fact bullying  happens to all of us at some point. This again can make us feel ashamed and we don't want to think about it. When the memory does surface, send love to you. Look back and give yourself a big hug. If there was no one to help you, then you can send help back to you. What would you do now in that situation? You may have a better answer and you can heal that past by thinking of it. If you can, send the whole situation a lot of love and then let it go.

Heal The Past

There are always difficult times that aren't healed immediately, and that is where our imagination steps in, to offer answers. Whatever the issue was, with family or at school, or later when you were working or involved in a difficult relationship, you can send the healing back into the memory. You can start to love the past.

It is very nourishing to forgive instances and drop old resentments, because then we are able to let more life into right Now. We free up a lot of energy and sometimes become more positive and energetic. It can feel incredible to have a past without anger in it, or bitterness nipping at our heals. It dissolves as we let it go. You could try a ceremony and let off balloons, or burn old pictures, or write poetry or letters of forgiveness you can then burn. Whatever works for you.

Healing the past doesn't have to be a chore although it can be difficult to recall unhealed instances. When we put things right in our mind, we may allow others to heal from it also. Once we are healed, we will never have to deal with that memory again if we don't want to. Just remember to not be angry, especially with yourself, but allow some compassion into the past. We all know so much better now than we did back then. We can now let it go and keep living our life.

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