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Following Your Beautiful Heart

Following your heart is a natural and easy process because humans are heart based! We are designed to follow our heart messages of joy, excitement, or sometimes even the warnings, so we get the best outcomes. The heart is pure, much purer than the mind, and knows what we need and when. In fact, heart advice comes directly from our spiritual side, our angelic side, and will lead us infallibly in the right direction. We get heart directed feelings when we use our heart, such as satisfaction from a right choice, pleasure or a feeling of rightness. So let's look at 5 ways we can learn to listen to heart and open to our better side.

Follow Your Heart

1. Heart vs Mind

The heart is the source of our feelings whilst the mind is the source of reason. They both have different objectives and are both equally important; we have them both for a reason. Whilst the mind is fabulous for figuring and sorting facts, the heart is all about emotion. This is where we feel, and it has its own innate intelligence - heart intelligence that is quite spiritual.

The heart, the spirit of you, knows what is right and communicates through our feelings. We know what we are doing is right because we get great feelings (and we love doing it). When we do something our heart isn't into, we tend to find it hard to finish, or it becomes repeatative, boring or even downright awful. Yet our favorite activities are fun, easy, exciting or challenging. Sometimes we must work in a job that is boring, but you can tell the difference between boring and when you simply hate your job. Our heart wants us to grow, be challenged and learn from life. Maybe it is time for change, or finding something new?

2. Heart Is Spirit Based - Always

Our heart, what's inside us, always has the 'answer', if we are prepared to look. Sometimes we're confused and may not see it clearly, but this doesn't change the fact that inside us we know things.

The reason why the heart always knows things is because it's our spiritual self speaking to us. You may not realise it but we all have a spiritual side that is connected to a larger perspective of what our life is.Our spiritual side knows what we came to earth to achieve, and what our tests are.

Our spiritual self does not have a loud booming voice that suddenly speaks out audibly and tells us what to do. No, it's much more subtle and gentle than that. Could you imagine if God or our angels suddenly spoke up loudly to tell us where we went wrong? It would not be much fun because this is OUR journey and we want to do it our way, even if we do get it wrong.
To have advice forced upon us would never work and would defeat the purpose of being here on earth in the first place. But we ARE given our heart, and this contains everything we need.


3. Tuning Into Your Heart And Listening

Tuning into your heart is not so hard, even if you have been ignoring it for years and listening only to mind. You see, it never gives up on you and is always waiting to serve you. It's a part of you, so all you have to do to start listening to your heart advice and tune into your feelings to percieve what they're saying. Feelings are easy to hear. If you have any trouble doing this, and some people might if their head noise is particularly loud, just practise listening to what you feel - its the very first thing that pops up, before the cold voice of reason steps in.

Are you thinking of moving your house, finding a new job, starting a business or something of this nature? Then how do you feel about it? What do your feelings say? It's a bit like the Force actually; what are your feelings telling you? You either have a nice feeling of freedom or adventure or feeling energized, or you may think "meh". This is good! Now you know if you're ready to try it or not.

4. What To Do With The Head And Reason?

The head and your reason come into the equation as well. There's nothing wrong with the mind as long as you consult your heart first. Your mind is in fact very important because it will deal with all the planning and details and organisation. You can't get through life very easily without a fully functioning brain telling you how to accomplish these heart based ideas. But we want to make sure that the mind is not running the show, because that can take us off course or lead us in the wrong direction.

We know if we are listening to the mind because we are burying our feelings and pretending they are just a nuisience. We may stay way too long in a relationship, for example, that has lost its spark, and let that go on day by day as we wish we could find more. The mind may give you every reason in the book for staying because the mind resists change. But eventually we'll have to move on from any situation that doesn't serve us or our growth. Even if following our heart is like jumping off a bridge with an unknown results, this is what life does sometimes, and it wakes us up and makes us  feel alive.

Daisy Heart

5. Do You Have A Higher Self?

This idea may seem novel to some people but have you ever realised that each human, animal, insect, etc, are attached to a greater energy that helps us to function here in the world? And you guessed it, the heart is how we communicate with our Higher Self. It literally cheers us on and sees our future possibilities, and how to get there. You could think of it as a guidance system that is outside of space and time, hovering above in a spiritual state of grace.

Yes, we all have an angel team but our own Higher Self is also like an angel, our closest angel, and it wants to see us succeed. It wants us to experience joy, freedom, and success if that is what it takes.

6. Advantages Of Following Heart Guidance

You will never feel stupid or weak when you follow your heart advice, instead you will feel like soaring, even if it doesn't work out the first, second or third times. Heart advice does not mean you will never fail, for not all we do will bring in riches or new love. It will, however, help you to grow as a human and be ready for the next challenge.

Your heart will also make sure you are never bored for long, or stuck somewhere stagnating. If that's what is already occuring, you must ask yourself what opportunities have you been ignoring so that you can stay safe? We never stay stuck forever though because change will come about eventually even when we try to avoid it. Our Higher Self can wrangle change in ways we can't even imagine.

So hold on tight! Life is an adventure and our heart will keep us on track, even when we try to avoid it. Or, just follow your heart's yearnings to a better life with more fun and things suited just to you. I know I do.

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