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The Meaning Of Déjà Vu

Feelings of Deja Vu happen more frequently to younger people, and often there is a spiritual meaning to this phenomenon. Some people may want to see it as a sign, for example, telling them they are on the right track. I'm not so sure it is an actual sign, however deja vu, or remembering something twice that is happening for the first time, is a feeling we can sometimes use to our advantage. This article provides 6 ways deja vu can occur spanning from past life memory to remembering a prescient dream. Read below to learn more about this fascinating phenomenon.

Deja Vu

1. Prescience

There was a period in my life where I experienced a lot of deja vu, and it was in the year following a spiritual awakening. I cannot prove the two are related, in fact I'm not even sure myself, yet often the feeling helped me by giving me a look at the future. Perhaps this was more prescience but it occurred in a deja vu sequence, and I would see only a few minutes into the future if I did a certain action. Each time it came like a warning, and I stopped myself from the action I had planned, thus avoiding a negative result. I've never had this exact power again but it saved me from making a few bad mistakes. It felt just like deja vu.

2. Random Or Overwhelming

Then there are other times when deja vu occurs and seems simply random. This is probably one of the most common types of the experience. The feeling may only last a few seconds and we cannot catch what it's telling us. We feel like we missed something important but we can't work out what the meaning is. Yes, this kind is annoying but we eventually forget it as we have no way of knowing what it was for.

Deja vu can also seem overwhelming sometimes because it's so strong. Often this happens during a conversation and we remember each thing exactly as it is said for what feels like the second time. We can swear we have heard it all before, in the exact same location and situation, with the same person. We know it the second after it happens. And whilst we are remembering, the person continues speaking and the weirdness continues. We look around and think - I remember this exact place! Gradually it slows and stops but what a rush. Again it may feel random but we never exactly forget the experience.

3. Is It A Sign?

We like to think of deja vu as some kind of sign, and maybe sometimes it is, but often we don't know of what. It's going to depend on the person and what they are feeling as they further investigate. For myself, I don't feel like deja vu is a particular sign, but for others it could be. Maybe it's saying you are on the right path and should keep going. But I don't feel this is why it happens; there have to be other reasons. There are many known ways the universe sends us signs, like seeing feathers, feeling the presence of a loved one, signs with animals or insects. Why would the universe make it confusing by sending such an obtuse sign that seems so otherworldly?

Science will tell us we had a crossed nerve in our brains, or some nerve was stimulated in our memory center (and other reasons like this), but isn't this simplistic? That could be one cause, but our feelings may say otherwise. It feels too deep, too strange, too eerie. We literally stop what we are doing and pause. And we search for an answer.

4. Past Lives

Could it be connected in some way to a past life or another alternate universe?

I have felt what many people report to feel when visiting another country and having such an eerie feeling of 'home'. I had been to Bali a few times but never experienced it until I went to Japan, oh boy, I would get the strangest feeling for very long moments, often. Rice fields would do it to me, something about the setting of rice fields between houses, mixed in with suburbia. I could not shake the feeling and, when I think on it, I still can't. What's the feeling? Who knows but it is deep, reminiscient and one you can't put your finger on.

Is it an intrusion from an alternate time line that we feel? There's supposed to be infinate other time lines created that differ slightly with each decision we make. But that doesn't explain how or why we get deja vu, it's just a thought really. Perhaps the answer is related to the existence of layered reality - the reality we practice in before we do it for real on earth...

5. Layers Of Reality

We often live out many of our activites before we live them out in this physical realm. I remember reading about this in the Seth books (channelled books) twenty years ago. There are layers of reality with the physical layer being the most solid and final one. We get to practice reality before we live it out here on earth, and do so during sleep. Earth is the most final layer, and one we can't change. Are we remembering doing something before because we have actually done it before in one of these practice layers? You could swear this is true, or how else are we remembering it?

6. Dreams

We often dream of things before they happen, although we don't remember all these dreams. I noticed this happened nightly when I was in the habit of writing down my dreams each morning. I wanted to know what activities were going on during the night. My memories became better and I could recall more and more of what I dreamed. In the end, it become too eerie to the point I gave it up. Each night I dreamed something (often trivial) that indeed occurred the next day. I couldn't stand the weirdness of it and gave up my dream journal. But it DID prove to me that we have prior access to events that haven't happened yet.

Of course, all time is supposed to be simultaneous, and it is only on the physical plane that we experience this thing called linear time (past then present then future). But it isn't actually like that in the greater Reality, whatever that may be. It's one of the 'rules' of this game we play in this virtual reality earth game. It's a test, this entire planet, yet it's quite hard to discern the test. Deja vu is one way, one opportunity, where we feel a crack and begin to sense that maybe all of this isn't really real. But a few seconds later it's gone again, and although we question deja vu, it fades away and life is so pressing we forget.

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