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Romance Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

I recently got this card deck to use in my clairvoyant readings to add a fun new dimension to my readings, however I have unexpectedly found them to be a really useful tool. Usually when I read, I use no exterior tools, only needing my own abilities to sense, see or channel information from Spirit. But these cards are invaluable and people do appreciate have a card pulled for them at the end of a reading. People always comment on how beautiful they are and they are interested in the little insightful statements that appear on each card.

If you are looking for a card deck for indepth readings then you will instead need a 'Tarot' deck of cards - where you can pull out as few or as many as you want. The Oracle cards are designed for a quick one-card draw, or a Past, Present and Future draw. So far they have seemed to work quite nicely.

The cards in this Romance deck are just beautiful to look at, touch and work with. The pictures are old fashioned, with oldie-world images of love in various stages. The messages are beautiful and informative; they come with a bold statement at the top of the card, for example: Attachment. Then there is the picture followed by a sentence or longer statement at the bottom to clarify and add more information. With 44 cards in the pack, there is a great variety of messages.

You can ask the deck specific questions if you want and then draw out a card answer. For example, asking them about a specific person of interest, or simply pick a card and see what comes up. The cards will answer your questions, and if the first card talks about an issue within you, pick another card until it says something about the actual relationship. You can even ask them, Will this relationship last? and they will answer.

Some cards identify issues within you and provide very comforting and positive advice in a single statement. Many other cards are simply predictive. There is a card for Marriage and Engagement. There is a card saying that you have found True Love (or in the future position will find it soon). Whilst there are hardly any negative cards in the deck, there is a card however for Deception, letting you know gently if you are being deceived.

How Do The Cards Work?

Like all oracle cards, your angels and spirit guides direct you to the right card. Simply shuffle whilst thinking about your question or query, then choose a card. Personally I always cut the deck and use the card with the picture facing. Others shuffle and take the card on the top of the deck. You can always work out your own system.

Each Romance deck comes with a short and cute guide book with additional meanings to the cards. Doreen writes in her guidebook that a group of angels called the 'Romance Angels' will choose the card for you. If this is what you want then I'm sure this can happen. However, in readings I simply use my own guides, or when reading for others I use their guides to choose the right cards. And it works, so whatever works for you is best.

Romance Oracle card

The card borders are pink/magenta and are gold rimmed, printed on thick, glossy card. I have to give the Romance Angels deck five out of five stars, I simply love them and there is not much else around quite like them. I have been recommending them to everyone, especially single people - so they can do their own card draws when a romantic issue arises. I think these are great!

You can also read my review on the Oracle Tarot Cards.

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