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The Oracle Tarot Deck by Lucy Cavendish

I was attracted to this oracle tarot deck initially by the bright, vivid colours of the cards. This is literally a deck where everyone comments on the beauty or vibrancy of the cards if they haven't seen them before. For some reason, most tarot decks have dull cards in boring colours. If you are a "colour" person like me, you will probably end up with this deck at some point.

The Oracle Tarot is nearly a traditional tarot deck except that it has some cards left out - the Court cards are missing. I rather like this feature, because even though there are less cards (usual decks have 78, this one has 62) you don't ever miss the court cards, ie the page, queen and king cards. This feature isn't unique because the Psychic Tarot deck also has these cards missing. I think it makes readings more packed with information as we are left with cards that convey the deepest meanings.

As a female, I have to say I love the strong feminine images on these cards. They all feature women except for the two of cups that shows a couple. The images are bold and arty, and feel powerful. Once I had these cards in my hands, I could feel the power in them and I adore the boldness of the simple yet strong images, many times of nude women although when they are dressed, they look classical and classy. I don't believe there is another deck anywhere with a similar style and I really fell in love with these cards.

oracle tarot deck

They also have the meaning of the cards written on the bottom or side, and this makes it easy for a beginner in tarot, you really can't forget the meanings. The symbols in each picture match the card meanings very well and are quite creative, fresh and delightful. There are no frightening cards and some of the traditional cards have name changes, i.e. Death is renamed Change (to convey the true meaning) and the Devil card is renamed Bondage, again making the meaning quite clear.

There are a few things about this deck that I don't like. Whilst the cards themselves and large, very glossy and a quite high quality, they don't have the higher quality of some other decks, namely Doreen Virtue's decks, meaning once you are used to using the best decks out there, holding these cards makes differences stand out. The cards curl up slightly on the edges, whereas other high gloss cards are completely flat. Also there is no gilt edging to these cards so in comparison they almost feel unfinished. Of course if you use them a lot you will get used to this.

The other, larger, problem I have is the small booklet that comes with the deck containing short interpretations of each card. Boy this book is hard work. Some explanations are okay, but others are quite bad and don't give a true insight to the card meaning. Again, if you are used to tarot then this won't matter however if this is your first deck, then you may be left wondering at some of the explanations. The author, Lucy Cavendish, has a lovely energy but you get the impression she is trying too hard to entertain, and she uses a lot of comedy and slap-stick remarks that becomes painful to read. I feel she gets carried away with her own wit to the detriment of conveying a clear meaning for the cards.

Therefore, although I love this deck and find it such a pleasure to use, I am giving this four out of five stars. To read my review on the Angel Tarot deck please go to Angel Tarot. My psychic readings can be purchased here.

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