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Psychic Shielding - White Light

white lightTo shield ourself from negative energy we can invoke white light protection around our body in the form of a strong bubble of higher energy. This method of psychic shielding uses intent and visualisation to set the shield in place. It works best when performed each day, preferably in the morning if you have time, or in the evening if you have unwelcome spirit visitors at night. Whilst psychic shielding isn't usually powerful enough to deter dark intentioned spirits, it is a very handy method that works to stop other people's energy from lowering our vibration or bringing down our mood. Other ways to protect include using protection stones.

The White Light Technique

In this technique, we are going to learn how to place a bubble or shield of energised white spiritual light around us in order to deflect or block otherwise negative energies from entering our field / body.

For the technique below to be successful, your most powerful steps are Step 3 & 4 - especially important is the intention you send out to the universe. The entire process depends on your strong or unwavering intent. It is a simple technique to follow with these basic 5 steps to follow. Over time this process becomes faster to perform and we get better at doing it. We discuss each step below:
  1. Relax
  2. Ask
  3. Visualise
  4. Intend
  5. Seal

1 Relax - Sit or lie down in a relaxed manner, or meditate if you prefer. By taking deep breathes you will slow your mind and your thoughts. Take a few minutes to fully relax until you feel your mind has quietened down for you to fully focus on the exercise.

2 Ask - It helps to invoke your angels or guides to provide protection during the day and night; they happily comply. You can simply say something like, "Angels, please help me to build a strong bubble of light and help to shield me from any energies that are detrimental." If you wish to be shielded from someone or something in particular, include this is your prayer.

3 Visualise - Begin to imagine a shield of light around your body. See it growing and glowing around you. It may be translucent at first and grow brighter and more powerful. You can imagine a particular shape but these details are not so important, as long as you can feel it forming and keep this picture in your mind as it forms. You may do this for a minute or for as long as it feels necessary.

4 Intend - As you do step 3 begin to focus on your intention. As you imagine your white light shield, intend for it to give protection. List or focus on all the ways you would like it to provide protection. Do this for a minute or for as long as it feels comfortable or necessary (after practice you can become very fast at building this shield, and do so in a matter of seconds rather than minutes.)

5 Seal - This step is where you acknowledge that it is built then imagine it sealed and set in place. You now have a white light energy shield.

These steps are all you need to do. You can top up the shield anytime you wish to.

Helpful For Empaths

Keep in mind that psychic shielding will not create absolute miracles in protection. For example, it can't protect us from a physical attack or car accident, or from certain types of psychic attacks that include sleep paralysis. Despite what some may say, a psychic shield won't prevent exchanges between corded people - those who are psychically "corded". If you exchange energy with someone undesirable, you may wish to do a cord cutting to free yourself of that connection. Once you have cut the cord, you can intend to remain free and uncorded.

However, if you are an empath sensitive to energy, a psychic shield can be a useful tool to keep your vibration high during the day when around other people. It can ward off soaking up too much energy from others, especially if you set that as your intention during step 4. It can also be used to stop others leaching your own energy away, in the case of energy vampirism.

It can especially be useful if you have no other tools at your disposal (like crystals) as you can create a psychic shield anywhere or at any time.

12 More Protection Techniques

To learn specific techniques for psychic protection in the home or out and about, including the use of crystals, smudging, mirrors, etc, please read 12 Psychic Protection Techniques. This is a thorough article devoted to all the tools of psychic protection.

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