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Ways to Clear the Etheric Body and Chakra System

In our previous article Clearing the Etheric Body, we touched upon why and how our body and chakra system becomes blocked energetically. Now let's look at the good part of how we go about clearing this blocked energy away.

You can use visualizations and meditations to clear your chakras. One way is to buy guided meditations, however a better way to go about this is find free guided meditations online, for example You Tube has many of these or do a search for free chakra clearing. The reason why this is the best option is because you can sample the quality of the meditation. There are some very good ones out there and some quite bad ones. You really need to find one with a soothing voice and a meditation that is just right for you. When you do, use it often rather than just once or twice. The nature of our chakras is they get clogged every so often, if not everyday, so learn to clear them out at least once a week. If you do buy a meditation without sampling it first, you may never use it if you cannot stand the voice or are unaccustomed to the accent.

Visualizations are even easier again, as all you need is a quiet place to sit or lie comfortably and visualize your chakras being cleaned. You can use a standard visualization such as white light coming into each of your chakras and watch and sense the colours in your chakras lightening and becoming more purified. The violet fire is a good technique as this violet fire transmutes energy into pure light, so you can pass the flame through each of your chakras starting at the base. Or simple imagine your entire body immersed in this flame as it purifies you. You can use sound and chanting to help move the energy. You can even ask your angels to help whilst you do this, see them cleaning out the old energy and sit with this until you feel it is done.

Another way to clear your chakras is with crystals. Different crystals resonate with different chakras. You may want to determine first which chakras need the most work. Take a list of what each of the chakras corresponds to and decide intuitively which chakra would be best to work on. For example, if you have a broken heart full of anger and issues of forgiveness, this corresponds with the heart chakra so you would use rose quartz for example and work with that stone until you feel you no longer need it. Each chakra has many stones that can help you and you only need a small stone to work with. Crystals will help you to balance the size of your chakras so they are all equal sized.

There are healing modalities that can help to cleanse your etheric body. You can try flower essences and other vibrational medicines that work directly on your energy body. Or you can go directly to see a healer who specializes in clearing energy and energy attunement. Reiki is a modality that is interesting as well for the angels channel healing energy through the Reiki practitioner and this can have all kinds of benefits. Apparently even relaxation massage can help to release energy from the chakras to move that energy out of your system. Aromatherapy too is said to help to clear your chakras as essential oils are made from plants (flowers, leaves, bark or roots). Research which essential oil can help you the most and use it in an oil vaporiser whenever you feel the need.

Finally, a nice long walk through nature is excellent to clear away your worries and cleanse your etheric body (and perhaps your emotional body as well). Find somewhere pure and away from most people. This can be walks or jogs through woodlands or along a deserted beach. Walking along the very edge of breaking waves is amazing as the sound and wave action is so clearing and an excellent way to find clarity if you are weighted down with problems.

To stop your chakras getting so clogged in the first place, remember to completely honour yourself and try to do what is best for you in life, not what is best for others who may make unfair demands on your precious time. Don't forget to try the cord cutting exercise which you can do daily or weekly, as this exercise will prevent other people trying to hook into your etheric body through a cord to drain your vital energy. Also avoid energy vampires who can drain you and bring you down.

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