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7 Ways To Ground Spiritually

There are times when we lose touch with earth and require to ground our physical and energy bodies to restore balance. Some people tend to be more grounded than others, and this has everything to do with our chakra system. Just as our bodies are in a fluctuating state of health depending on how we treat it, so too are our energy bodies. The chakras (attached to our etheric body) can go out of balance, and overusing the higher chakras can cause an imbalance. This is why some psychics may need to ground themself after doing psychic work. Some of us are naturally quite ungrounded and so need to go to greater lengths to remain grounded.

Signs Of Being Ungrounded

Obsidian There are telltale signs when we are feeling ungrounded. They are:
  1. dizziness or vertigo
  2. feeling "out of it"
  3. not fully present, unable to concentrate
  4. daydream a lot
  5. accident prone
  6. feeling of not belonging on earth, or not aligned to earth
  7. like a cat you are half in-half out / in another dimension
  8. feeling of floating above your body during the day
You can see from this list that being grounded vital to live a centered life. Whilst on earth, it helps to be plugged firmly into this realm so that we are fully present and make the most of our time here.

Grounding Techniques

1. Center Yourself - Find Yourself

Before we can ground ourself, we have to know who we are. Sounds simple, but people who have difficulties with grounding often become uncentered and tend to bleed energetically into those around them, especially empaths.

To avoid this issue, we learn to continually bring our focus back to ourself. Focus on what you are thinking. Focus on what you are feeling. Reject the energy others are projecting onto you, and solely center on who you are. It may seem harsh at first to ignore the feelings and desires of others to focus on our own desires, but with practice we quickly learn the benefits of this practice as we become so much more clearer within ourself.

2. Be in Nature

Nature grounds us quickly. When I used to do readings, I would sit for hours each day doing reading after psychic reading. When I would decide to go into nature, I would sit or jog  - almost unseeing of what was around me as I slowly came back into focus. I could jog for twenty minutes barely seeing the scenery, then upon jogging back, I would begin to slowly look at the trees and the river and slowly come back to earth, blissfully so. Even then I would go a bit 'in and out' until I finished jogging and was earthed back in myself.

Walk around in bare feet on the grass or earth, walk along a beach (good for cleansing as well) or hug a tree. Lie and stare at the sky, let the nature sink in and ground you once again into earth.

3. Exercise

As already mentioned, movement will help as we move with our body to center physically. Stretch, jump, dance to music, play drums (very grounding), yoga, tai chi or whatever it is that helps you. Swim, surf, run, do weights, boxing, stamping feet into the ground...whatever you can think of.

4. Alternate Your Activities

Try not to sit for hour after hour in the same spot doing the same thing. If at a desk or at work, try to go for an invigorating walk in your tea and lunch breaks to ground. Walk around the office, or physically go and talk to someone instead of emailing the person who sits five meters away. Find excuses to move or do different activities. Sitting still for long periods concentrating is not good for the body or the mind. Ask your boss if you can do other activities for an hour or so, whatever they need done.

5. Eating Meat

If you are a meat eater but have been eating less meat or hardly any at all, beef is actually the most grounding food, and usually grounds the most spacey person in less than 24 hours. If you are a vegetarian or vegan and are constantly ungrounded and dizzy, it may be the only way to truly halt a severe case of dizziness. Eating in general is a grounding activity.

6. Grounding Crystals & Stones

There are many grounding stones and crystals that may help if worn in jewellery or carried in a pocket. Such stones include carnelian, hematite, obsidian and smoky quartz. See this article for all 12 grounding stones.

7. Grounding Meditation

There are many different types of meditations that use visualisation to help ground us back into the earth. This is a good way to go about achieving a quick grounding, especially if exercise or other forms of grounding are out of the picture. One of my favourite meditations involves visualising the pillar of white light coming down from the sun and through the center of the body, down through all the chakras individually. Then it leaves the body from the root chakra and travels down deep into the earth, reaching the heart of mother earth. I imagine it winding around the earth's core three times before it rises back up through the crust and re-enters the body. Then it travels through all the chakras again before leaving via the crown chakra and travels upwards through the sun. This meditation works wonders.

If you do other meditation work, it is important to ground this way before coming out of meditation, or we end up feeling spacey and out of it (so much so it can be dangerous to drive if we don't ground after meditation). A good meditation takes us right out of our body, so it is vital to ground back into the body and back into the planet.

I hope you've learned something from this article. To learn specific techniques for psychic protection, please go to 13 Psychic Protection Techniques

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