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Spirit Guides In Your Dreams

spirit guides dreamsSpirit Guides can and do appear in our dreams, often. You are lucky if you are seeing your guides in dreams giving you clear messages and advice. I am told by guides that sometimes we dream about them and do not even realise. Then there are the dreams where we are aware that our guides are communicating with us.

They may appear in a dramatic way that we cannot dismiss, as a powerful or dashing figure or an angelic lady. Or they can tone down their appearance and seem perfectly ordinary, except for their piercing eyes or amazing voice. They could be elderly or young, in disguise as it were. If you are paying attention, you will understand intimately the message that they are conveying to you.

Dream Messages From Guides

What could these messages be? Undoubtedly they are individual and unique. Some guides will appear and offer encouragement, perhaps even with a tantalising hint of your future, if you keep following the path you are on. Beware to heed warnings, if they convey that your present path will lead to downfall, or stagnation.

A guide can appear to talk about ways you could develop more spiritually. Perhaps you do not have the self-belief you should, or could develop more courage or more spontaneity. Whatever the case may be, they could provide advice in this kind of area.

Guides Appearing As Animals

Sometimes spirit guides can appear as friendly animals in dreams that talk and pass on messages. In fact the elderly, those who have Alzheimer's or are close to death, often can be seen talking to someone who is not there. They are talking to their guides. If you ask them like I have, they will tell you it is the friendly bunny rabbit that they talk to everyday. They are just confused enough to be unaware that this is not possible - except it is. Most people will laugh it off however those of us who communicate with guides know who it really is they are talking to. Guides will do this out of love, to comfort elderly who do not have much of a life left, and who may be lonely.

So if you see animals in your dreams, it could be your guides way of approaching you in a non-threatening way. Go with it. You can always write down the experience  upon waking and try to work out exactly what their message to you is.

Invoking Your Guides To Visit Dreams

If guides do not tend to visit during dream time, it does not mean that they aren't there, it simply means you may not need their help at this time. If you would like to meet your guides, you can always ask them to appear in a dream. The best attitude to have is to be relaxed and not desperate to see them. They will appear or send a message another way. Why not have fun trying to get them into your dreams?

Spirit guides will never appear as frightening ever, or try to scare us; they are benevolent and are often a deceased relative or ancestor from our own family line. So now that you know who that could be visiting you at night, why not enjoy the experience. Happy dreaming.

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