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The Role Of Angels & Spirit Guides

We all have various angels and spirit guides around us at all times to take care of and monitor us whilst in incarnation upon Earth, yet have you ever wondered exactly who they are? Do you contemplate what they do? Like many people you may have no idea, yet why not discover from a clairvoyant some answers to help give you an idea who is keeping you company and WHY?


The Role Of Angels

Our Angels are important ones because they tend to be in charge of us and our mission or purpose for being here. These are the ones we sit with and discuss what we want to learn this time around, who we want to help, and why we are coming back, usually to work through our karma. A lot of planning goes into our life before we even get here and this is what the angels oversee. They love us so dearly and wish for us to succeed. Just as we work in jobs on earth during the day, the angels work with us intimately 24/7 so that we too stay on track and get OUR work done as we wish.

Why do we need them? The angels do many things for us including helping us find what we want in the world. If we are looking for something, we can attract it to us or our angels can go out and the essence of what we need. This is especially true for information. Have you ever had questions or wished for knowledge and, rather quickly, you find a lead or you find the answers you have been seeking? It is our angels who help us to answer our most dear questions about life, or why we are here, etc. They are also good at finding things like a home or a perfect car, and small goods to.

Also, our angels are concerned in keeping us on a track of goodness. Did you know that telling untruths is considered as using black magic in the angelic realms? Would you lie to God's face? The angels are basically messengers of God and we all have our own angels. They know us very well, better than we know ourselves. So they are concerned when we do things wrong, for usually this is karmic as well. They like to keep us above board and going in the right direction.

Sometimes we can become either lost, depressed or even bogged down in our own deceits. We have free will, so we can do as we please in this life - yet all that we do has consequences. Our Angels always try to steer us in the right direction.

The Role Of Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are not angels but are other kinds of beings who can instruct us during life. They can be star beings (especially if you are a starseed) or even fairies, if you are an elemental soul. They can include loved ones from our familial line such as ancestors and those who have passed before us. A spirit guide can also be a soul mate or a twin flame, someone who is very close to us on the other side. We can forget these loved ones whilst we are here, but they keep watch over us just the same. With all these beings around us, we are never alone even when we think we are, and are always loved.

Spirit Guide

Most spirit guides are helpful beings. As I found, you can have family members who you don't even consciously know but who are related to your line. Sometimes they can be closer like grandparents or they can be further back like great, great grandparents who you've never met. Their purpose is to help us through life and support our progress. I have a great grandmother who lived in the country back before modern things were invented, like fridges or cars. Her life was very simple.

We can also have animal guides or spirits that we're unaware of such as a totem animal or power animal. They may share their spirit with us and guide us also. Then there are pets who have passed who stay around us. Even future children that we may possibly birth can spend time with us during our life, trying to keep us on track and get themselves born.

We also have many guides who come and go throughout life. I was once a fan of an Indian teacher who wrote books over a century ago. When I had my first psychic reading, he turned up to give me information on the book I was writing, for he was there with me. Many people in spirit turn up for a time, perhaps even a year or two to help us with our work. They guide us in specific ways for certain, specialised reasons.

I've also noticed through observation that we often have those around us who are doing their Life Review. This just means they are being shown events that occurred during their life, so they are looking backwards in time at us. This helps them to gain a greater perspective. Usually this comes from those who somehow created bad karma with us and must start to fix this error. They are usually not guides as such, but can often be around although we may not feel them unless we are psychic, at which point we may actually talk to them. This can be a very interesting experience but they can't describe your future since its forbidden.

In my next article, I discuss what happens once we pass over to the other side of the veil. Life after death can be a great adventure with many mysteries, so please read Is There Life After Death?

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