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The 4 Reasons Why We Dream

Do you often remember your dreams or have vivid dreams that keep you guessing. Maybe you get nightmares or don't dream much at all. Whatever your situation is, rest assured that you DO dream (even if you can't remember them) and most dreams have some symbolic meaning. This can be visits from your angels or passed loved ones, to signs or messages in dreams, warnings and even visits from not so friendly spirits. Learn below what all this information means and how you can easily protect yourself from unwanted nighttime visits.


1. Angels & Loved Ones In Dreams

Let's start with some of the pleasant stuff. When we have a particularly powerful or emotional dream, we often feel that we've received information that relates to our life or direction - and often we are not wrong.

While science will say that dreaming is only our mind randomly showing us images to work through the past 24 hours of experience, our dreams are SO much more than this. Yes, the mind does need to work off experiences and does this through dreaming, but these are the dreams that we usually don't remember well. We can have all kinds of random dreams that don't mean much to us after we wake. But then sometimes we dream something that is difficult to forget, and this is the meaningful dream we try to interpret online.

With angel visits and visits from passed loved ones, we see them in the dream or dream of something strongly associated with them. We immediately understand the significance of the dream and how it relates to us or our life. It's obvious. The dream is designed specifically for us and will be loving in nature with a specific message. Some people dream of those who passed in order to stay connected with them. They may not be able to reach them whilst awake so a dream is a nice way to keep connected or know they are still around you. Passed loved ones are often around us, and making the connection stronger is lovely.

2. Dreams That Carry Other Signs

It's very common to dream other obvious signs; we all have these dreams. The sign will be a physical object like an animal, insect or something else solid. The dream will feel positive or negative depending on the meaning being conveyed to us. Some dreams are repetitive until we understand the meaning. Often we receive warnings via unpleasant or weird dreams as well, when an animal like a crocodile or leapard represent someone particular who's in our life.

So often we dream of animals, insects, birds or things of this nature. It's wise to either own a book of dream interpretation or use the internet to discover the meaning of the dream. This way you can see if the sign indicates positive future things coming your way or be a warning letting you know that someone is working ill behind your back.

Note: It's funny that many animals, birds or insects that indicate positive outcomes when experienced in real life can sometimes take on a negative meaning when appearing in dreams. As you learn what each sign means, you'll see it's just how it is with dreams, so be sure to be familiar with your dream interpretation book. All dream meanings are very particular, and often interesting as well.

3. Other Warning Dreams

There is a world-wide phenomena of people dreaming very vividly about tsunamis. I have had many vivid dreams like this myself, yet are still wondering why these occur. Have you ever had a tsunami dream?
They always feel like they are carrying a strong message that's cryptic. I never dream about any other natural disaster.

Or, you may dream about a particular situation that you're experiencing, for example you are moving house. This sort of dream may occur to give you reassurance or to warn you so that you don't make a mistake. Pay attention to the information in your dreams.

When you dream a certain way and don't know what category to place the dream, always keep a record of it. Sometimes when you read it back later you become aware of the meaning. If the dream gives you a strong feeling, keep a hold of it and it may make more sense later.

4. Nightmares & Visits From Spirit

As we live in a world that's close to the spirit or astral world (a dimension with astral or negative entities contained in it) we can be influenced by random entities, especially when we are very open or sensitive. There is sometimes a bleed over from this lower dimension into our physical dimension. It is always best to ignore these entities when we can hear them, as they only wish to cause trouble and are never worth the trouble. They are like tricksters.

However, these astral entities can sometimes influence us when we dream. Most of them are strays and travel around going house to house giving people nightmares, or very strange dreams that make them feel unpleasant or fearful. They like to upset us and are dark in nature. Since they are not of this world, they cannot usually do more than this, so do not fear them. The best thing to do after waking from a strange nightmare is to simply ask your angels to remove the entity. You can say, "Angels, please take this entity to the Temple Of Light and remove it from the earth." You can say this three times if you like and then thank your angels, for usually they will take this thing away as requested and into the light.

Our Earth is currently moving further away from the astral world as it slowly ascends, so such events will eventually be done away with. For now we can ignore the astral dimension since it is full of such lowly and unintelligent beings.

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