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What Do Wolves Symbolize?

What does the Wolf symbolize and mean? Have you had an encounter or dream involving wolves? The message of the wolf is one of Intelligence, Social Behaviour, Guardianship, Spirit, Instincts and sometimes Sneakiness.

The wolf is a very interesting animal that tries to keep separate from humans and rarely attacks us, except for very unusual cases. Although they used to be common in America and Europe, they've all but been eradicated through hunting, sadly. Keep reading more about Wolf Spirit Animal and their characteristics below.


Spiritual Meaning Of Wolf

You see immediately from their eyes, the sharp intelligence of the wolf who are social animals that take good care of their young. Humans can tend to fear the wolf but since they rarely attack us, there really is no need.

The message of wolf has much to do with a strong connection with instincts, and sometimes with intuition which can sometimes be confused. If you've had an encounter with a wolf or wolf totem, search to see which instincts or motivations are ruling you right now since these will be correct. Do you have an overwhelming feeling in business that's known only to you? Try not to doubt yourself and look for positive proof to back up what you already know intuitively.

Any signs of a wolf threatening you could indicate that your own instincts are currently off; take some time to meditate to calm and clear out your emotions, and come into a better state for safe decision making.

We can see by the way the wolf lives its life that it has freedom, and it lives in this power, unafraid. To have a wolf totem around you shows you undoubtedly live in this presence of freedom and may not take advice of others easily. You are your own pack animal. The joy of this power is wonderful. You are a spiritual beast and are authentic; you often say exactly what you mean. Perhaps people sense the wolf in you, but you don't have to resort to being wild. Follow higher instincts rather than your lower leanings as sometimes the wolf may be untrustworthy in certain situations.

If your totem is the wolf, look at where you might threaten others, or are you being threatened yourself? When wolf appears, it could be bringing up messages of treading carefully or releasing a person from your life or a past experience.

I recently dreamed of wolf, with her mate, which for me represented an employer (and job) I was letting go of due to sneaky behaviour and underhanded ways. The job worked out well for a year but the situation changed and was unworkable. The dream showed first her, then another wolf joining her, her partner, in this sneaky pact. If you should dream of a great many wolves, then perhaps everyone is in on the secret except you.

Sometimes a wolf symbol may mean competition is harsh or 'wolf-like' at work. If you tire of the wolf-like mentality then it may be time to move onto something more civilized or friendly.

Dreams Of Wolf

Unfortunately, to see a wolf in a dream is probably a negative sign and often represents someone in your life who is an enemy, or just turned against you. Sometimes it can represent theft of money, possessions or even time, or secrets being given out to others. Someone is doing something behind your back and is not being straight with you. Sneaky dealings are around you.

It is good to kill a wolf in your dream as that means you'll prevail in this situation and rid yourself of sly enemies who seek to damage you. When hearing the howl of the wolf, you will discover the secret alliance in advance, or uncover the plan before it has a chance to affect you.

To see any wolf in a dream, always look at who the wolf is in your life and take precautions.

To read about the meaning of ALL the different animal symbols, click on Spirit & Totem Animals, Symbolism.

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