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What Do Vultures Symbolize?

What does the Vulture symbolize and mean? Have you had an encounter or dream involving vultures? The message of the vulture is Patience, Insight and Going with the Flow, looking for opportunities and clever solutions.


Spiritual Meaning Of Vulture

A vulture, with its craggy face and black plumage, may look dark and scary, but this is only an appearance and when we dig deeper we see the symbolism of this bird. As we examine how vultures live, we find them to be very resourceful in the way they achieve their ends. The vulture is unconventional as well, and really doesn't care if it is. Who wants to conform anyway? The vulture knows what is right and follows its instincts, waiting for the correct opportunity so as not to waste energy.

They are scavengers who don't put themselves out in their necessary activities. With a keen sense of sight and smell, they search out their meals without hunting, waiting for a carcase to appear that they may scavenge from. They know if they wait food will be found, so they fly around and swoop down at the right time to feed upon the dead. What a great service they provide, cleaning up the other dead animals.

They have extra-ordinary patience but probably don't see it this way. For them, this is a way of life, and they are not put out by finding food in this manner. It's their way of life and they're assured they'll be catered for by nature. They are not in a hurry and do not fear if they will be fed. Patience is their keyword.

With their keen eyesight they also represent Insight. This bird is resourceful and represents death, rebirth, renewal, cleanliness, purification, innovation and perception, amongst other things. Whilst they take care of nature's job by eating dead things, they renew themselves and the earth, keeping the earth pure.

To see a vulture could be a sign indicating for you to be patient about an upcoming project or event. Or it may be asking you how to be resourceful in your life, how can you innovate or perceive things from a higher perspective. Take yourself out of the picture and have another look; can you see it differently?

Dreams Of Vulture

Unfortunately, to see a vulture in a dream is not necessarily positive and it will represent someone in your life. It means that someone is scheming behind your back trying to slander or injure either you or your standing. They will not succeed unless the vulture is sickly or deceased. Slander and gossip often accompany this dream so watch your back and keep your eyes open. This is a warning dream.

If you can imagine a vulture who watches what is going on from afar; this is what is occurring and you may be under watch from someone waiting for a chance to spread lies to bring you down.

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