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What Do Swans Symbolize?

What does the Swan symbolize and mean? Have you had an encounter or dream involving a swan? The message of the swan is regarding Faith, Loyalty, Partnership, Love and sometimes even Marriage. The swan is a deeply positive sign and may even signify devotional aspects and chastity. Certainly this message is spiritual and most uplifiting.


Spiritual Meaning Of Swan

The swan has always been a symbol of beauty, love and harmony. When you see a swan swimming gracefully on the water, they seem to glide along, as we cannot see their legs moving rapidly. They are seen as effortless creatures with their elegant, long necks and beautiful plumage. In addition, white swans are a symbol of purity, innocence and unity.

Black swans can, conversely, mean the shadow side of reality, secrets or mysterious matters. What are you hiding from yourself or others, and is it time to share?

They can also be seen as a symbol of transformation, as in the story of the ugly duckling that transformed into a swan. Is there some belief deep in your psyche of what you could be, waiting to become reality?

Also, the swan is a symbol of love and relationships, for they often partner up for years. We can see their harmony as they go about their business, and their loving contact with each other. Having a positive encounter with a swan could be a sign to your from your angels regarding relationships and love, or perhaps that love is on its way.

Have you ever seen a swan protecting itself or its young ones? Swans can be little warriors when called for, and do not back away from a fight when it is required. They are protective of their families and are brave souls.

Swans may also represent healing, and watching them glide on water is one way to relax, admire their grace, and feel the healing energies from nature all around us. It may be calling to you to open to your healing energies more fully.

The swan may be a messenger from your angels, so see if one approaches you or what messages come to mind. Relax in the present moment and allow yourself to open up. Swans can also be a sign that you are an earth angel. If you like to teach others in a soft or loving fashion with true acceptance for the true self of others, this animal may represent you at your core. Keep going with your angelic work knowing that you are here for a reason and help lift this world up into more loving vibrations.

Swans have had their place in various myths and tales for a long time, either repeatedly representing Gods who take on swan form, or messengers from other realms visiting us. The Swan was considered sacred by both Aphrodite (Goddess of love) and Apollo, from the ancient Greek tradition.

Dreams Of Swan

Swan is a positive sign even in dreams. To see white swans floating on peaceful water shows delightful experiences are coming, along with a prosperous outlook. To see them flying around illustrates that your dreams will come true soon.

Black swans are showing illicit pleasure. Dead swans in dreams are a sign of discontentment.

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