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Animal Symbols & Animal Totems

Have you ever had a special encounter with an animal knowing there was a meaning? Do you dream about a particular animal? This is a message from the universe since all animals carry symbolic and spiritual meaning. Native Americans knew this and the ancients were also aware of animal symbolism. Finding the meaning can be an interesting experience with many different options. Find out below what these popular animals represent, the nuances of the meanings.

Spirit Animals

Spiritual Meaning

You can think of an unusual animal encounter as a message, especially if it tweaks your intuition. Does a rare bird land in your backyard and sit staring at you? Does an insect fly down and land right on you? Does a reptile enter your house calling for action? There are many ways the universe communicates and the animal we be representative of a situation or often a specific person in your life. Be very careful if you encounter a reptile or spider on your property that attacks - who is attacking you in real life? Insects can often carry delightful messages as do many animals we may see around us.

Totem animals represent WHO we are, so the characteristics of the animal are similar to our own. Knowing our totem can help us to tune in more fully to our potential, our strengths and what we are good at.

Below we look at some of the other favourite animal totems and their spirit meaning. Many of these below are the most powerful of animals but each have different characteristics. Do not worry if your totem is not on the list for this is a general list and does not mean your totem is not important. Where indicated, click on the link to read about each animal. To learn about the dream meaning of the animals, click on them.

Animal Meanings

Bear - Strength, Courage, Power, Tenacity, Healing, Solitude

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Bull - Valor, Male Fertility, Stubbornness, Ferocity & The Devil

Butterfly - Transcendence, Change, Romantic Love & Angel Sign

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Dolphin - A Love Symbol, Transformation, Friendship, Salvation, Intelligence

Dove - Peace, Harmony, Love Symbol, Innocence & Purity

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Eagle - Power, Action, Speed, Creativity, Intuition, Freedom, Spirituality

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Elephant - Intelligence, Dignity, Peace, Wisdom, Strength, Longevity

Fox - Intelligence, Sly, Agile, Stealth, Lithe

Horse - Beauty, Velocity, Stamina, Power, Royalty & Free Spirit

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Lion - Fearlessness, King/Leadership, Strength, Power, Grandeur,

Panda - Peace, Harmony, Friendship, Strength & Gentleness

Owl - Wisdom, Secrets, Intuition, Hidden Knowledge, Sees Through Illusion

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Snake - Knowledge, Danger, Seduction, Fertility, Kundalini, Power, Death

Spider - Power, Wealth, Good Luck

Tiger - Power, Passion, Ferocity, Destruction, Speed & Stealth

Wolf - Intelligence, Victory, Loyal, Vigilance, Cunning or Sneakiness

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