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A strong sign signalling that angels are around is that of the sweet scent of roses. Roses smell heavenly, and such a smell coming from nowhere normally signifies that angels are trying to communicate to us. Let's explore the historical meaning of roses and their loving, divine scent.

red roses

The Scent Of Roses Meaning

Roses are the queen of flowers and throughout history have been considered sacred the world over. They also represent the sacred feminine and are associated with Mother Mary, especially white roses which specifically mean purity and innocence. This flower represents love more than any other, not just romantic love but also God's love, and the love of the angels. It is a soft scent coming from a flower that resonates at a higher frequency, closer to the angels. Angels and roses go hand in hand, and it is a known sign that angels are near if you can smell roses where none exist.

The ability to smell psychically is called Clairalience - smelling the scent of something that is not present, usually coming from angels or the spirits of those who have passed on.

In many cultures and religions of the world, roses represent sacredness, the soul, angels and God. The rosary (meaning "Crown of Roses") comes from the association of roses with Mother Mary. Miracles performed by angels also often contain a rose theme or appearance of roses.

My intuition tells me that pink roses, representing unconditional love, are associated with Kwan Yin (as is rose quartz crystal). They also represent softness, gratitude and friendship. Yellow roses are more strident in their energy and represent joy, wisdom. Of course red is the colour of passion so these roses are exchanged between two lovers.

Rose Essential Oil & Healing

In terms of healing, rose oil can help alleviate depression and MPS. It can help one get over heartbreak because of the loving vibration inherent in its perfume. It may also help with conception and works as an aphrodisiac.

The Symbolism Of Thorns

In bygone days before humans fell in vibration, back when the Earth was as a heaven or a Garden of Eden, it is said that roses did not have thorns. I believe some of the poisonous or dangerous animals also had different forms, for this world was one of unity and love. As mankind dropped in dimension and vibration, losing much of their spiritual knowledge and abilities, the other kingdoms of nature began to mirror this fall. Roses, which at one time were pure love, began to grow thorns, to mirror the thorned nature of human love prevelent in the world (for love had become more selfish and less unconditional). Humans had forgotten how to love purely and the world began to reflect this back.

Perhaps one day, when man ascends again spiritually, with new knowledge and purpose, much that is thorned or dangerous in our world will likewise revert back to the original, pure pattern that God had intended.

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