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What Does The Raven Symbolize?

What does the Raven Symbolize or mean? Have you had a raven visit you or dreamed significantly about Ravens?The universe often sends us messages via birds and this message is regarding deeper meanings, transformations, your shadow side, and delving into deeper secrets.


Spiritual Meaning Of Raven

Birds are always a good sign when they are seen in real life, and this is true of the raven. There may be negative things spoken about ravens online but this is one of God's creatures and is not evil; in fact raven is a powerful bird especially around inner change, so let's look at the raven to see exactly what it symbolises.

You might like to think of the Raven as the Tower card in the Tarot, for often when one comes into your life, total transformation is on its way. Many birds can be an omen of change, but this change is a real shake up, whether inner or on the outer realm. This is not a bad omen, for we all must undergo change from time to time even if we may not appreciate it at first. Most changes however are for the better once we become accustomed to them. We can't halt change and the best we can do is flow with it better, using acceptance as an ally to help us through.

Ravens are very intelligent and, perhaps due to their black plumage, carry an air of mystery or secrets. Some legends say ravens are not good secret keepers, however they are observant, smart, and may carry much information regarding what's going on around them. They are scavengers and this might set their reputation back a bit for some, but just remember that this is nature's way after all. What would happen to the dead if no creature scavenged on it - wouldn't it then just rot on the ground and spread disease? The raven's job is important and there's no need to malign them just for this.

Raven can symbolise rebirth and renewal - again the "change" theme. I feel this is a powerful bird and this may be the reason why some may shun him. Do not. Let raven in when you encounter him and listen to the reason why. He can represent the shadow part of us, that part we want to pretend doesn't exist. I like to think of all of us as being a bit like Anakin Skywalker, contrasts of light but also dark. You have your shadow moments sometimes and none of us are 100% light. So when raven visits, take a look at the darker side of yourself and see where you may have gone wrong. Accept this as part of you but focus on the light, how you can make yourself better.

There is something magic about raven, more so than just mysterious. It will attract those who like the deeper meaning of life, who want to plunge into the mysteries to see what they can uncover. The raven is honest and can act as a protector. Even if raven is a symbol of death (Celtic symbol), remember death simply means transformation, usually inner transformation, which is always a blessing in the end even if it is somewhat of a trial to go though. Do you need a guide for a sacred journey? Call on raven.

Raven In Legend

There are many stories of raven over the centuries, and he has been associated with Celtic legend and the Celtic goddess Morrigan. In Norse legend, their god Odin was accompanied by two ravens symbolising thought and the mind. Raven was also associated with Athena and Apollo from Greek and Roman legend, and was seen as a solar animal.

In Native American Indian lore, the raven was seen as a shape shifter, a holder of secrets and known for its transformative powers. It could offer clarity on visions that were not understood, thus holy men would summon raven.

Dreams Of Raven

To dream of raven is certainly a dynamic dream showing you where change is coming to you. It can also be a warning from spirit that misfortune may be on the way. Spirit guides often use dreams to communicate with us and some animal dreams can be negative in connotation. Watch your decision making and look at who is in your life who may be a bad influence. Be extra careful after this dream.

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