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Finding Coins - Special Meaning

finding coinsHave you ever found a penny from heaven just when you needed cheering up, or witnessed one pop up in a most unusual way?

These 'spiritual' coins are a sign from heaven and loved ones who have passed over. These special coins remind us there is more to life than meets the eye, there is magic in our world, and that there are those who are watching over us in a spiritual, loving capacity.

Messages From Spirit

Such messages from loved ones who have passed are the best. Some people might wonder why spirit sends us coins and why don't they materialise a letter with a written message? Well that would be too easy. They could do this of course (since angels have materialising powers in abundance) but where would the wonder, the magic and joy be? Scientists would be poring over such messages and picking things apart. Finding a coin, however, speaks to us on a deep level, depending on what we are going through or who has sent it to us. Some people of course find other things like feathers, beads, crystals, you name it. Each of these objects carry different spiritual meanings.

Coins sometimes literally appear from nowhere to those needing a little boost. Some people report having coins drop from above them from nowhere and land on a table or floor. These occurrences are never frightening because coins are harmless - in fact coins denote good things; with coins we buy food and other goodies. We generally like coins. Other people find coins mysteriously appearing around their house and instantly know there is spirit hanky-panky in the air. Its a message and these messages are never negative. We know we are being watched and loved. Someone cares - that's the message.

If you are missing a loved one who has passed, be it on an anniversary or any other day when you think of them, you may just find coins popping up in your path. You will know who those coins are from and that they are still around you. These coins may even have special relevance such as the date or the currency.

Abundance Is On The Way

Are you one of those people who buy a lotto ticket after finding a coin? There is a saying: Find a coin and pick it up; all the day you'll have good luck. It could be a sign that a little extra money is coming your way, you just never know.

Coins Found Around Christmas

Not just Christmas but any holiday season at all. Also on significant dates that are meaningful to the person who finds the coin. There is certainly more magic around Christmas time because the angels (I believe) are given just that little extra permission to play with us and affect our world magically. We almost expect magic at Christmas. We talk to children about magical elves, and whilst Santa isn't real, his magic IS real, somehow, even as adults.

This past Christmas I broke up with someone and it is never fun to leave a relationship right on Christmas. A few days after Christmas I dropped a bag of lollies all over my kitchen rug. I picked them up, every last one, but as I went to walk off, I spied one more lolly on the rug. Immediately I felt it came from my angels, simply playing with me, cheering me up. I scoured the rug to make sure there were no more strays. Wouldn't you know it, half an hour later I was walking over the rug and right in the middle was a lolly. There is no way I could have missed it. No one else was in the house. Well I ate that lolly, thanking my angels for their little game. Thank goodness we never break up with angels, they are always there.

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