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What Does The Parrot Symbolize?

What does the Parrot Symbolize or mean? Have you had a parrot visit you or dreamed significantly about parrots?The universe often sends us messages via birds and this message is regarding your words, communication and the truth of what you say.


Spiritual Meaning Of Parrot

The parrot is a communicative and noisy bird and a very social animal. They are bright and colourful, and when we have them as pets they are able to repeat back anything we say. They come with a positive, happy energy.

When you see parrots in the wild that you normally wouldn't see, their message may be one of communication. Does the parrot interact with you personally? If so, watch what you have been saying to others and note the truth, or untruth, of your words.

Parrots are also about what we are thinking for we must think before speaking. Like a Buddhist, try to watch what goes through your mind especially before you blurt it out. Trying to think more kind and positive thought means your manifestations will be of a higher nature.

Manifestation is a product of belief that is held in the mind long enough. You can learn to manifest positively or negatively depending on the habit of your thought. Affirmations, or incantations, have been using to manifest what we want in reality for by repeating positive statements like a parrot can do, we train our subconscious to think differently. Parrot shows us our own power reflected back to us. Do you feel powerful? Try stating a few affirmations for a few days and then see how you feel.

Green Parrots

The colour Green is a powerful colour for healing. You may meditate and call on the colour green, visualising it around your body, calling on Archangel Raphael to come and help heal you. The green parrot is also said to symbolise healing. Green is of our heart chakra, and beautiful emerald green is of our High Heart, the chakra of compassion.

Parrot Feathers

To find green parrot feathers on your path is an indication of love, the heart, your relationships, harmony, compassion, forgiveness, healing, nature, fertility and growth. It is a sign from the angels and is a lucky feather to find. There are many green parrots around the park where I go running, but I have never seen a green feather. Treasure this sign and thank your angels. Maybe love is soon to enter your life, or a current partner may propose. Have you been trying to get pregnant? Listen to your intuition about what this feather is telling you.

Dreams Of Parrot

To dream of parrots has a different meaning than seeing them in real life. Dream symbols are often used by spirit guides to pass along a message or prediction that will help you.

A parrot dream involving chattering, noisy parrots is foretelling a lot of idle gossip between your friends or acquaintances, especially gossip of a frivolous or meaningless nature. If the parrots are resting and not making noise, you may find there is a rest from family issues that you normally endure.

If this bird is flying in the air it shows there is someone in your life who is a people pleaser. This person may be trying to please you or may easily do what's asked so that others are satisfied.

Teaching a parrot in a dream shows that trouble awaits you in your private affairs, and seeing a dead parrot shows that you are set to lose some of your social friends, or those who may not be overly close but who you mingle with socially.

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