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What Do Owls Symbolize?

What does the Owl Symbolize? Have you seen an owl around you or dreamed of owls recently?There is a strong interpretation to the owl, which is seen as a message from the universe. The message is regarding transition and change, and also perceiving illusion around you more fully, seeing truth where others may not. Read more about Owl's message below.


Spiritual Meaning Of Owl

What is the first thing you notice when you look at an owl? It's their large, round eyes staring back at you. They have forward looking eyes which are large for their bodies, and the eyes are revealing the wisdom of these animals. Owls are wise and observant, but also carry meaning in a dark sense for they are nocturnal. They can therefore see what is hidden normally to others and can discern lies or deceit. Much is hidden in this world of ours, but owl people can easily see it. It is about discernment, wisdom and studying those things that are seen as magic.

The owl can also be symbolic of life change or a large transition in who you are or where you live. We often talk about the owl symbolising death, yet death is one kind of change and may not mean a literal death by any means.

Owl people are also intuitive and often psychic or clairvoyant. They may prefer to keep nighttime hours rather than be active during the day. They watch what goes on in the world, usually from a distance, perhaps not joining in but being aware. They can keep their own council and if you are lucky and ask them, they may even tell you a secret or two. People who have owl as their spirit animal may also do a lot of research and reading.

To see an owl or interact with one can carry many meanings. Do you need to research into something a deeper, looking further into what is going on around you? Someone may be deceiving you so look beyond the simple masks that people often present us with. Perhaps a psychic reading could help you to know what it is that spirit is saying. Maybe you could study on how to become more psychic yourself, as clairvoyance can be learned as long as it's practiced.

The owl may also mean there is a change coming for you, probably a big change that may in fact refer to an interior change. When we begin to see the bigger picture and perceive what was before hidden, we change internally and begin to look at the world differently. You could undergo a significant inner change if the owl crosses paths with you.

Dreams Of Owl

To dream of Owls often carries a negative connotation and comes as a warning for you to watch out for others who may be deceiving you. This dream can mean you are being secretly maligned by others and danger is around you from enemies. Look at anyone who could possibly be acting fakely to your person but acting against you behind your back. Some kind of harm could be coming.

To hear an owl in a dream can foretell that bad news will catch up to you soon. Sometimes this dream can indicate the death of someone around you. This dream is not a good omen. Watch your own health and be extra careful in dicey situations.

A dream in which the owl is already dead can offer relief to you, and show that you will escape some desperate illness or even death. To kill an owl yourself in your dream has a similar meaning. It may mean you will escape from dangerous people.

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