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22 Love Symbols & Signs

There are a surprisingly large number of symbols that represent L-O-V-E and we love to share this beautiful sentiment with those who are important to us. Whether you need an idea for a love tattoo, or wish to decorate a love letter with beautiful images, the following is a long list of 22 modern and ancient symbols we have used to represent love - from signs, goddesses, animals, stones, scents, flowers, ancient symbols, and a lot more, with a history given on each symbol. Enjoy.


Modern Symbols Of Love

The Heart - This is the modern shape of love used to symbolise the heart, and as we know, the heart is the center of love. Think of your heart chakra and the love that flows from it. We use this symbol everywhere, from jewellery, to chocolates, to candy for valentines day and of course on many cards, pictures or even clothing. The winged heart is also popular. The heart shape is said to come from the combined aura of two people in love (the two bumps on the top are their heads).

Cupid - This is a small, chubby angel with wings and carrying a bow and arrow. He was actually named Eros, the son of Aphrodite. This is both an old and modern symbol of love which we readily recognise. The story is that cupid may randomly shoot us with an arrow causing us to fall in love. He is sent from heaven.

Pink & Red Colours - Both of these are romantic colours that we associate with the heart and with love. Red can symbolise passion also with a deeper red, and means heat and intimacy. Lovely pink is often a little girls colour and we know they love hearts or anything in this favored hue. These are the colours of Valentines day, although this is more of a commercial day of love.

Hands - The hands grow out of the heart literally (from when the fetus is forming) and are extensions of the heart. We often use our hands to heal as well. Both our hands and heart contain healing chakras and can emanate purest love. The hands can also form a heart symbol.

Hand Heart

Stones That Symbolise Love

Diamond - The diamond has become synonymous with love in today's world and women are usually given a diamond ring by their husband when they are married. The diamond itself is a highly pure stone, the strongest of stones, and can bring spiritualness and purity to the wearer.

Emerald - This is another love stone that can appear in any kind of jewellery given by a husband or even a good friend to a woman. Green is a colour of the heart chakra as well as pink. Read more on Emeralds here.

There are many stones that represent love, for example gentle rose quartz or rhodochrosite which is said to attract love, however the two stones described above are the most well known and most commonly found in jewellery. Find out more in detail about 25 love stones in All Love Stones.

Love Goddesses

Aphrodite - Greek goddess of Love, Beauty and Eternal Youth. She is said to have had many lovers who were both Gods and men. She was involved with the Trojan War on the side of Paris. Paris had awarded her a Golden Apple as the winnr out of a contest between her, Hera and Athena.

- This was the Roman goddess of Love but also Beauty, Prosperity, Fertility, and Victory. The Romans thought she was the same as the Greek goddess Aphrodite. She was seen as the mother of Rome and was depicted in paintings for hundreds of years. Venus was also the mother of Cupid (Eros), and while we may not have festivals in her honour anymore, most of us have heard of Cupid. The planet Venus was named after her.

Animals That Represent Love


Doves - This bird represents both Peace and Love. Doves mate for life and are often released at weddings to represent a lasting and stable marriage. The dove symbol is well known, especially one that may have an olive branch in its beck representing peace. Doves have represented love since ancient times and still hold this symbolism even now. Read about the Symbolism Of Doves.

Swans - Swans too are a representation of love since they are connected to Aphrodite/Venus, who traveled in a swan-drawn car that flew through the air. They are also a symbol of Grace, Purity, Beauty, Sincerity and Chastity. The swan has also been used as a symbol of the Virgin Mary. Read about the Symbolism Of Swans.

Dolphins - Again associated with Aphrodite/Venus. In ancient times dolphins were symbols of Protection on the water, Transformation, Charity and Love. These days the dolphins may represent the star system Sirius and are considered active guardians of the earth and perhaps many are fully conscious beings. Are You An Incarnated Dolphin?

Flowers Representing Love

Roses - We can't go past roses as a strong symbol of Love and Romance, especially pink, red, and apricot roses assembled in a beautiful bunch and given as a gift of pure love. Many other flowers may be favoured by beaus to impress their lovers, like lilies, but the rose is quintessential for lovers. Grown in the garden, these bushes keep giving during warmer months. Read about the Symbolism of Roses.


Tulips - Tulips represent true love in a romantic sense, especially the red tulips.

Myrtle - Associated with the goddess Venus who often wore it as a wreath. It was a favourite of hers. Today this plant still symbolises Love, as well as Marital Fidelity, Chastity and Good Luck in marriage.

Pomegranate - Again associated with Aphrodite/Venus who is thought to have planted this tree originally. One of the oldest cultivated fruits, there is a long history to do with Love, Marriage, Fertility, Birth, Rebirth, and Prosperity.

Perfumes Of Love

In ancient and modern times, certain natural perfumes symbolise love such as Rose or Orange/Neroli essential oils. Natural scents are healing and can balance emotional states within us, calming us down. For romance I would also go with Ylang Ylang, Jasmine (very floral), and Rose Geranium.

Forget the synthetic chemical perfumes which contain up to 200 chemicals that are untested and unsafe to use (throw them away). Today we have modern, natural perfume brands that make the most of the heavenly scent of nature. What can smell nicer?

Love 'Signs' From Nature

Butterflies - To see butterflies around you can mean that love is coming your way soon. Often angels, or even passed love ones, use different insects to convey meanings or messages to us. There is a whole world around butterflies so read more on Butterflies here.

Ladybugs - This insect is also another sign that love is around us or soon to enter our life. If a ladybug lands on you this is a great sign from the universe. If you wish to receive signs from your angels, simply ask them to send you a message and you may soon have symbols popping up all over your life.

Ancient Love Symbols

Love Apple

Apples - This is an ancient symbol that represented love and apples were given to lovers and shared between them. Is associated with Aphrodite/Venus who received a golden apple as a prize from Paris of Troy.

Harp - Angels are often seen playing harps and the music they produce is divine, often reminding one of softer or feminine things. Often we see harps in "heaven", the realm of love.

Shells - Traditionally, the shell represented the Protection of Love and in paintings women were often depicted standing on a shell. It was a symbol of romance or love in olden times.

Pearls - White pearls symbolise Innocence, Beauty, Sincerity and Good Luck. Pink pearls can mean Romance. We often use pearls in wedding ceremonies but they have been around a long time. Of course they also symbolise Protection, coming out of a shell where they were formed.

Lace & Ribbons - Traditionally, women would carry lace handkerchiefs and when a single woman of marriageable age spied a man she was interested in, she would deliberately drop the lace. If the man was interested, then he could pick it up for her and give some indication of his feeling. I love this because it's so old-fashioned and romantic seeming.

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