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Itchy Palms Money Sign

Is Money on the way to you? Itchy palms could be a sign that money is either on the way IN, or conversely on the way OUT, depending on which palm is itching.

How much stock can we put into this sign or superstition? Many signs may come from our angels but, also, there are many other reasons why your hands could be itching. Yet on the whole, this sign often seems to hold up for people. Read below to investigate this phenomenon as well as money spiders, and also: what do itchy ears mean?

Itchy Palms

The Real Meaning Of Itchy Palms

An itchy palm may be the result of energy in your palms that's either coming into your body or leaving it, often representing money that will be coming or going. When our aura (the field of energy surrounding and interspersing us) is static we may not feel any changes. However, when a change is about to happen we may feel the increased flowing energy as an itching or annoying pain in our palms. Energy often comes and goes from our body through the chakras in our hands, hence the itchy feeling.

The palm that is said to be lucky is the right one or dominant one, and it indicates money coming in. Perhaps someone owes you money or you are getting a bonus, or you could win some kind of competition or lottery. Conversely, the left hand is the one you don't want itching, as it may indicate money going out, like an unusual bill to be paid or another expense. If you want to alleviate this itch, you could try rubbing your left hand on wood, although this may not necessarily prevent the expense, just the itch.

Is this an Angel Sign? I've been researching this phenomenon but I'm not aware of it coming from the angels. This is more of a behaviour many people have noticed when unexpected payments come in or out. It seems to be solely due to our hand chakras giving us a pain.

The other option is of course, medical conditions or dry hands. Is one hand itching no matter how much you moisturize it? Usually this itching lasts as long as a few hours or a whole day, and you will notice it often as it's quite distracting.

Sometimes you'll find people saying that the left hand means money coming in, not the right, and I'm one of those. But the reason for this is because their left hand is the dominant hand and it is the dominant hand that symbolises money in. So if you are left handed, this needs to be noted.

Do Money Spiders Mean Money?

As I write this article, a small money spider (red in colour) is walking across my desk. This is unusual and I take it as a sign he wants to be discussed too. Money spiders are so cute.

We know that spiders symbolise money and dreams of spiders are excellent in predicting money is coming, unless you should kill the spider in the dream. To dream of golden spiders is very good and spider webs are positive as well. A spider dream may not mean instant cash however and could indicate money will be there in ten years for example.

Returning to money-spiders, you should never kill one of these tiny little fellows, since they can't hurt you anyway. To kill one is to kill off the money that's coming. Whilst it may not mean you're going to win a lottery, maybe just maybe a bit of unexpected  money is on the way. What a wonderful little sign this is from the universe. Because we are dealing with an insect / animal sign with the spider, this comes with help from our angels. Thanks angels.

What If Your Ears Are Red Or Sore For No Reason?

Red, sore or itchy ears may mean someone is talking about you. My ears are usually fine but on rare occasions, boy do they itch and feel sore. They may even look bright red and I know I have no ear problems from any medical condition. This is the universes way of saying, 'hey someone is gossiping about YOU'. Not that we can prove it or find out what is said.

I do believe, being a psychic clairvoyant, that energy is created when people are gossiping, and it is usually a darker kind of energy which returns to the source. When you are the topic of a meaner conversation, the energy flows straight to you from their lips and you pick it up unconsciously in your sensitive ears. The universe lets us know what's going on. You may not be psychic or aware of this in any other way.

Usually when this occurs, you can guess who it is and it may be very obvious. I just tend to ignore it because what else can you do? You know when someone is messing with your behind your back so let that person go for they may be quite toxic.

Other Signs In Your Body

Our bodies are amazing and can give us many subtle signs of things going on around us. So remember to be aware of the signs of the palms and the ears, those sensitive points of our body.

If you ever feel energy in your feet chakras, this is your angels helping your chakra system to evolve, and energy in your tongue is the same thing. Sometimes you may even feel energy in your heart or your hands may feel hot, which is a sign that your heart and heart chakra are evolving. However, if you ever have any problems with your heart, you may need to see a doctor as the information on this page does not constitute medical advice. Thanks for reading.

My Note: Today as I researched and wrote this article, I had itchy palms (both are itchy) which was why I wanted to test this. I just logged into my bank and found an unexpected $115 was deposited from an unusual source. This sign seems to be true again. I also have money going out soon for the dentist which is unusual. Seeing the money spider on my desk an hour ago and then the money is a wonderful sign.

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