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What Do Horses Symbolize?

What does the Horse symbolize and represent in life? If you've seen or had a close encounter with a horse, this meaning will vary by how the horse behaved or treated you. Horse as a spirit animal means freedom without limit. Wild horses, including stallions, are driven and stubborn with strong personalities. Tamer horses are more gentle but still contain the same qualities only more hidden. Whilst they've learned to subjugate their behaviour, there's a strong vein of emotions, desire and passion broiling beneath. Horse can therefore represent Freedom, Drive and Passion.


Spiritual Meaning Of Horses

Horses are physically but also emotionally strong with a vitality and pride to them. They're perfectly aware that they're fast and free beasts who do not bow down easily to man, needing training to be "broken". Even then, you can sense their power, their displeasure (or pleasure) and their pride. They possess many mannerisms that show their state of mind, and they have no trouble expressing themselves freely. They are stubborn animals who know themselves. Because most horses are around man on farms etc, they can also be damaged emotionally or carry wounding. The horse is also assertive and may wish to be dominant, such is their spirit, even if forced to submit.

Sometimes this animal may represent the 'animal side' of a person running wild or out of control, so check your passions or ego to determine if this is the case. It may be asking you to bring your canter to a more gentle pace, to slow down and look at life as you sprint past it. Are you too strong willed, out of control or reckless?

Horses have a love of life and strong spirit, so this animal represents your drive in life as well, your determination or ambition.

Horses can also be a symbol for luck, especially white horses. They symbolize power and may help to represent our sexual side as well. Dark horses however can represent what is in shadow or mystery. A horse being ridden harmoniously can show you are in tune with your sexual impulses. It's well known that horses can represent grace, beauty and nobility. They tend to have noble personalities and may even act snobby on occasion if your presence no longer suits them.

Sometimes in legend the horse is shown with wings, as with Pegasus, indicating travel, speed, freedom, and grace. Although horses don't actually possess wings, they are still speedy as though winged. Pegasus was known as a symbol of wisdom and fame.

Dream Meaning Of Horses

Horse dreams carry their own particular meanings. Firstly, the white horse in a dream, either riding it freely or seeing one, can indicate happiness, friends and money; a great sign to have in a dream. To see or ride a dark horse can still indicate great success in your future but it may not be enjoyed for long, or may even come about due to deception, so beware this dream.

To see or ride a stallion may indicate passion and sex which can master you for a time. Perhaps rein in your passions a little. Brood mares show harmony in relationships. To see dead horses can mean disappointments to your efforts and hard work.

Horses that buck or throw you off show difficulties are coming. Catching horses is a good sign of improved business matters.

To kill a horse shows you will injure your friends in some way. Racing a horse is usually a good sign, indicating wealth or prosperity.

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