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What Do Herons & Egrets Symbolize?

What does the Heron symbolize and mean? Have you had an encounter or dream involving herons? The message of the heron is Stability, Balance, Patience, Intelligence, Determination, and Authority. They can also represent going with the flow. Read below for more details including Blue Heron.


Spiritual Meaning Of Heron

The heron can be quite zen like when it wants, standing on one leg perfectly still, just watching and balancing as though it were meditating, for maybe it is. They can symbolize balance when seen like this, and bringing more balance effortlessly into your life.

Herons are known for their patience waiting to catch a fish in water. What chance does the fish have with this kind of present determination to be in the moment and wait? They are also very determined birds, so any encounter with a heron could be a hint that you may be needing quiet determination and patience in your life to come by you present reward.

Herons tend to be solitary creatures most of the time, happy to keep their own council. Unlike many other birds, they don't need the company of family, or crowds of like birds around them, and are not especially social birds except maybe during mating season. Perhaps this message is about spending alone time to clear your mind or reach a decision about something. You may need to say no to other and settle with your own company for a weekend.

Herons and egrets enjoy lowland areas, rivers, lakes, ponds and swamps and egrets are the smaller birds. They come in many different colours such as white, black, gray, brown sometimes with yellow. There are some small egrets around where I live and they seem to be adapting somewhat to suburban life.

In Australia, the egret is often found around dumpsters or bins looking for food, showing how resourceful they are. They've been called the 'dumpster chickens' and are often seen as pests. But other than this habit, they are water birds who are equally comfortable in both water or land, and of course air.

Their calls are loud, whether at night or during the day. Often, I hear egrets on my roof calling out to each other in short, angry calls right above my head. I feel they're telling me someone is angry at me, right when someone is. At night, their loud, clear calls can wake one from sleep. Do you need to communicate with someone? Herons have an authoritative call so perhaps you need to be clearer or authoritative in your communication.

Herons have long been honoured in Egypt, China, Africa and by the Native Americans. Words used to represent the heron include Wisdom, Authority Shrewdness, and Communication.

Blue Heron

In addition, the blue heron is seen as a more special bird when it comes to signs, often portrayed as a good luck sign. Encountering one close by or flying by above you may mean luck and happiness soon to occur for you.

Blue heron may also symbolise that you are close to spirit or coming into new spiritual understandings. If you are spiritual or close to angels, it may be a special sign so listen to your intuition and see what breakthroughs you may be going through learning your lessons in life. It's an uplifting symbol you may not soon forget.

Dreams Of Heron

To dream of a heron may indicate you are not fully involved in some activity or situation in your life. Just as a heron may represent being partially in and out of the water simultaneously, so too you may be shirking a responsibility or unaware of certain aspects of something which means it is only half done.

Dreaming of a blue heron either flying or resting is indicative of good luck or good chances for manifesting what you want.

To read about the meaning of ALL of the different bird symbols, click on Bird Signs & Symbolism.

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