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What Do Hawks Symbolize?

Have you had an encounter or dream involving hawks? The message of the hawk is to do with Intuition, Power, Leadership, Focus, Optimism, Spirituality, and Vision. When you have hawk as your spirit animal or totem, these are the qualities in your everyday life which you will excel at. You may be a teacher of others or enjoy spiritual and psychic work or hobbies. Keep reading below for the signs involved in seeing or dreaming about a hawk.

Red Hawk

Spiritual Meaning Of Hawk

The hawk is a high flyer and this means it enjoys a higher perspective, as well as flying closer to heaven. To see a hawk can be a reminder to step back and take a good look at the bigger picture and see what you may be missing. Focus not only on the details but try to glimpse the bigger view to get a far superior focus on all that is happening. Trust your vision at this time also and do not second guess yourself. What hawk shows you is a far greater vista than what many others may be seeing.

This animal may also be telling you that it is time to lead. Are you in a situation that is looking for leadership, or are you considering a new project you're passionate about which you can head? Consider this very carefully and decide what it is that you can do. You may find you have many talents you hadn't considered and once you start down this road, it could feel very natural for you. With your wider vision and keen observation, you can see many things that others miss, putting you in an excellent position to lead in a project.

Your intuition is keen and you may find yourself listening to intuition. Sometimes you may know what is coming before it arrives. Perhaps you have actual visions, dreams, or simply know claircognizantly what is coming, or trends before they occur. Perhaps you don't even notice that you have this ability because it's so natural. You may or may not develop yourself psychically but these skills are easy for you.

You will also find yourself involved most probably in spiritual pursuits, but you will be teaching yourself. You don't really need a teacher but could talk to angels or guides for advice, as they are excellent teachers.

Although you have an uncanny ability to see the future, its likely some of your profits in business will go to charities due to your spiritual bent, or you may be uninterested in money altogether. Another trait of hawk is the ability to remain optimistic. Negative people will not be interesting to you as your clear vision shows you powerful and optimistic outcomes. Your positive attitude allows you to materialise things you need.

The hawk has been associated with the God Horus who was the God of the sky. They were always seen as messengers from the Gods. Yet the Native Americans saw hawks as guardians of the earth. Both roles are probably true.

Dreams Of Hawk

The hawk is not a positive sign when seen in dreams, as many animals that are positive to meet in real life carry a different symbolism when seen in a dream.

The hawk signifies enemies or people who are out to get you, so to dream of hawk is a clear warning to you. Be careful of cheats around you who may try to intrigue you to give up money or other possessions. Be careful also of gambling right at the moment and perhaps wait a month before being involved in betting. Your enemies may be intuitive or hawk-like and focussed in some fashion.

To kill a hawk, or otherwise scare it away, is a great dream sign that you will overcome the obstacles of others to get ahead. Shooting a hawk signifies winning a contest against unscrupulous people and may be lucky in business. To see a dead hawk means that your enemies will be vanquished and be no more and is a very good dream.

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