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What Does The Goose Symbolize?

Have you had an encounter or dream involving a Goose and wonder what it could mean? The message of the Goose is regarding Kindness, Loyalty, Bravery, Social Attitude, and Synchronization. Geese travel in large flocks and this bird's priorities include family, friends and also community. Those people who have goose as their totem likewise do all they can to help those around them and are very nurturing. Read further below to find out more about the characteristics of Goose, as well as the symbolism.

Flying Geese

Spiritual Meaning Of Goose

If goose is your animal totem then you are good at helping others and knowing instinctively what they need. You are generous and caring. However, you need to be careful that what you're taking on for others is also agreeable to you, and remember to put yourself first.

To interact with geese may be a message from the universe to take better care of either others or yourself. Delve into what you are currently doing to see which it is. If you're taking on too much and find yourself too tired or exhausted, it may be time to let others do some of their own work. You like to care for family and friends, and are community minded. You like to see the harmony of the group, much like a flock of geese all flying together and knowing how to cooperate.

Geese make loving and nurturing partners and they mate for life. They also fit in well with their flock. When flying, each goose melds into the flock which flies in a synchronous way, all moving and reacting together, which gives them power. They do not have to think for themselves in this state but follow their leaders through the wind. They make excellent team players.

The goose is all about finding his or her dream,  or what it wants most out of life, so it may be asking you what is your heart's desire. Follow those impulses that take you where you most enjoy being. Life is about finding ultimate fulfillment, so whilst you can play for the team, sometimes you have to do what you need to be happy. In the fairytale, the goose lays the golden egg, symbolizing this desire. It is about making dreams into reality.

The goose is territorial and doesn't like others to enter into its space, which it protects aggressively. The message then may be to keep your boundaries with others tight, and ward off those who come too close. You have a way of letting other know if they step on your toes and probably don't tolerate this well. Having well protected boundaries is a strong point.

The goose can also symbolize temporary changes and travel, so you may need to refocus onto new things for a while as life calls on this. You may need to travel afar also to get what you want.

Dreams Of Geese

Geese are a good sign to behold in dreams. To see them on grass means that success is assured so keep going with what you're already doing. This is a peaceful dream. If they happen to be swimming, this shows that your fortune is gradually growing.

For them to quack or annoy you in the dream isn't a good sign. It could mean a death in the family. Dead geese represent unhappiness, displeasure or suffering a loss. Also, to eat geese in a dream may mean that some of your possessions are disputed.

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