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What Does The Flamingo Symbolize?

What does the Flamingo Symbolize or mean? Have you seen a flamingo around you recently or dreamed of flamingos?The universe often sends us messages via birds and this message is regarding your emotional life and your social life, and how you are living them. Read more about flamingos message below.


Spiritual Meaning Of Flamingo

The flamingo represents romance, socialising, fun and your emotions. It may not seem like a serious bird yet its message might be. Seeing a flamingo around you, especially if it stands out or interacts with you, is telling you to let loose your bottled emotions and start living life to the fullest. The flamingo is a social animal and lives in a large group.

Are you careful with your emotions and live without taking social risks, foregoing having fun so you can do other things? This is not a balanced way to live, so flamingo is reminding you to be more social and to get out and about.

Flamingo totem can be called upon when you feel you're too alone and would like more friends. Flamingo people also spend much time with family to relax and enjoy life, for this is the point of being here. If you don't have time to wind down and be grateful for life, then why are you working too hard?

The flamingo is an animal that represents our heart, as you can see by the pinky colour of its feathers. You are capable of great loving; are you holding this inside yourself? If you are holding onto emotions too tightly, find a way to let them out safely. This may be talking to a trusted friend or keeping a journal. You do not need to be afraid of your emotions as they are here to teach you lessons.

The heart is your compass for traveling through life, and it will always lead you down the right path. To use your head excessively in decision making and ignoring the heart is not a balanced situation. See what emotions are inside of you and explore these to work out more about yourself, you may be surprised!

Although the flamingo's grace, beauty and lovely pink feathers may indicate romance or love, these birds do break up with their partners 99% of the time! So they may indicate a short-lived romance. One of the best birds to indicate a lasting marriage are swans, who stay together for 95% of the time. The albatrose stays together for 100%.

One trait of the flamingo is to balance for long periods on one leg, tucking the other leg up under them. There is a balance in all things, so where or why are you unbalanced? You will find the answer inside yourself.

If you need more love in your life, then perhaps it is self love you are seeking first. The flamingo is a great sign to love yourself as well as others more. Included in this is forgiveness, and then you can expand and open your heart further. Your heart is a living chakra and may be brought into balance with your other chakras with a bit of care. Pink is for love. Wear pink clothing to help remind you to love. You may use the affirmation: "Love is everywhere in my life."

Dreams Of Flamingo

To dream of flamingos is usually a positive experience, and can indicate you are happy and joyful. To see a sick or deceased flamingo may mean you are not honouring your own flamingo instincts to get out, socialise or enjoy life. Stop working so hard and make time for pleasure, for you surely will benefit.

To see a flamingo in repose on the ground may indicate worries surrounding you. This dream may also be a sign that you are too worried about how others perceive you and spend too much time concerned with this.

To see flamingos in flight indicates that new experiences are on the way. You will be very busy with all that is new to you.

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