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5 Meanings Of Feathers

Seeing a feather, especially a pure white one, is an uplifting experience that opens our heart. There is something special about feathers that our subconscious recognises whenever we see them. Have you been seeing pure white or pure black feathers (black is especially protective) on your path when you are out and about. Both are powerful symbols or signs from angels that bring positive messages if you know how to decode them. And it is not complicated.

Feather1. Spiritual Meaning

Of course feathers in their most basic of meanings symbolise the divine. They come from winged creatures of the sky, of the heavens, who fly free and unfettered above the rest of the world. When a feather comes free, it often flutters gently down to be found by us. So feathers represent freedom and also truth. Over the ages they have been seen by many cultures of divine messages from Spirit or angels. People would decorate their bodies with feathers. They have also been seen as a sign of protection around you.

In modern times, feathers have come to represent angels and angel messages. They can tell us that our angels are watching over us and our family. They can indicate that we are on the right track in our life. They can mean we are loved, we are being watched over, and who wouldn't want that? A feather is delicate, light and pretty. It is a gentle, non-threatening message. There is something playful about the fall of a feather, and something magical about finding one sitting gently on the ground in our garden or on our path. We always notice a feather and hesitate just a little bit to take in its appearance, or pick it up.

2. A Form Of Confirmation

When we talk to our angels and ask them questions, finding a feather the same day is a wonderful form of confirmation that what we have discussed is right for us. We might ask our angels if we are on the right path, if we are making the right choices or any number of questions. To find that feather is like receiving a divine "Yes". We know the angels have heard us and are responding.

3. Black & White Feathers

White Feathers are strongly linked to angels and are a message of hello. Can you imagine seeing an angel with wings - those wings are pure white to represent the purity and lovingness of the angels. We can trust white feathers and know that they represent Good. They are angelic itself.

Black Feathers carry a different meaning and often one of Protection. Over the ages many people would wear different coloured feathers but often the black ones to protect themself. They also symbolize wisdom so those in higher positions would wear them also. They may even represent magical doings although not necessarily dark magic. Wisdom may come your way after seeing one of these. Black feather are also placed in areas that you may wish to protect.

Black Feather

Gray Feathers are also interesting. They represent peace but are also somewhere between white and black, so they can represent confusion or trying to work out an answer. The feather itself may not be the answer. Try to see both sides of the story to decide yourself what it means.

Black & White Feathers are very common as well, so if you see one that is equally black and white, you may want to think again of divine protection and that everything is as it is meant to be. There is a balance shown here; you may not need to resolve or finish any situation but let it play out. You are on the right track.

4. Angels Manifest Feathers

Some people find feathers in strange places, like on the floor in their house, or on a couch or a bed, as though they have just appeared there. Maybe they have. Angels have powers of manifestation and sometimes an item that carries a specific message can turn up about our homes. Perhaps that feather just stuck to our clothing and we carried it in....or did an angel make it appear? This mystery can add to the magic of seeing a feather.

5. Comfort From Someone Who Passed

We are watched over by those who have passed on, and it always stuns me how often such spirits can send signs and communicate. When we are grieving or just need a hug or a reminder, a loved one can send us a sign in the form of a feather. It is reassuring when they do this, for we know they are still around.

Many signs bypass our rational, logical mind and communicate straight to our intuition, feelings and heart. We don't have to work out who, why or how the sign appeared, but simply enjoy it and listen to the message it brings, knowing that it is a spiritual message of comfort. Some people pick up their feathers and take them home to treasure. I always leave them be so that maybe someone else will see it and get an angel message as well.

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