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What Do Eagles Symbolize?

Have you seen an Eagle close by, interacted with one, or dreamed of eagles recently? This is a message from the universe. Eagles are completely free and unfettered as they soar high in the sky, higher than other birds and therefore close to the divine. They are seen as a spiritual symbol and are a very positive sign. Their meaning can also encompass Honesty and Integrity. To dream of eagles often indicates enormous career success and wealth. See more of Eagle's message below.


Spiritual Meaning Of Eagle

Eagles can see all things from their lofty vantage point so often we are reminded to take in the larger perspective, the bigger picture when eagle appears in our life. There may be opportunities coming your way that will allow you to soar higher than ever before, as you are now at a place above others in some ways. Have you gained much mastery or knowledge that you can now use to help others? You may be able to rise to become leader in some field of experience. The eagle suggests you use your courage and tenacity to rise high in all your endeavours.

Trust your visions at this time for your view is crystal clear. With a swivel of your head you'll see all obstacles easily and avoid them. Eagles have incredible eyesight, up to eight times better than humans, so they can watch their prey from the air.

Allow your imagination to fly also, as you are capable of percieving great ideas, even spiritual visions, that can help this world. Be above normal restrictions right now and allow your thoughts free reign without blocking them; you may consider all right now and stike out weaker ideas later. You never know where your mind can go and how practical certain ideas could turn out to be. Go with confidence and self-assurance. Your time to lead is now, so hold yourself with dignity.

Eagle can even indicate a Spiritual Awakening of some kind, but also indicates action, creation and intuition. You will want to act on what you have learned in a way to helps others. Your intuition will guide you and the action will feel right, so trust your inner feelings. We do not always have eagle energy or signs around us meaning this is a special time. If not an eagle, you may have other birds, for example white birds that also symbolize spiritual energy or action. Now is not the time to sit around waiting, and this will be obvious. Go for it; jump from the mountain and fly.

The eagle can also represent power, and many nations have recognised this throughout history, using Eagle as a symbol of their nations, such as recently by the United States, and also Native Americans. It was also a big symbol for Rome, Egypt and even Babylon. Innately we're all aware of this special power of the eagle, which is very much a venerated animal.

Dreams Of Eagle

To dream of Eagles is usually a great sign and this meaning differs from sighting them in real life. They signify success, good fortune or plans working out when they are seen flying or up high perched. Sometimes this dream can show you are searching for freedom.

To be attacked by an eagle means your problems are coming from within, so you must step out of your own way to allow success to come to you. Where are you unsure or hesitating - let this inner restriction go.

Eagles in dreams can signify the attainment of dreams and especially the possession of wealth. You may in fact do anything to acheive such goals. For example to kill an eagle in your dream can mean that you are so determined to possess wealth or fame that you will do anything to achieve it. On the other hand if someone else has killed it first, then your dreams will be possessed by others who may in fact wrestle these away from you.

To ride on an eagles back signifies travel to far off places and that you will eventually gain your fortune.

To dream of baby eagles nesting is about making friends who can help you to rise higher, follow their wisdom.

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