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Dragonfly - Deep Transformation

Dragonflies are found around river catchments and lilypads, zipping over water playfully meeting each other over and over again. But what does it mean to see one in your own backyard for example. Unless your yard is always frequented by dragonflies, it may have an extra meaning. Once you know this meaning, they may turn up even more often.

dragonfly meaningSelf-Realisation

Dragonflies represent Self-Realisation that comes after deep reflection and learning. We have so may experiences in life, which at some point we reflect upon to learn whatever there is for us to learn. Then we see the harvest of lessons and new knowledge that comes to us from that reflection. We learn about the world and others, but more importantly we learn about ourself.

When a dragonfly comes to you, stops, hovers, flies all around you, rushes at you, etc - perhaps you are experiencing deep self-realisation and reaping the rewards of difficult lessons. Or something murkier is emerging from out of the subconscious mind to be dealt with once and for all. We gather our lessons from both past and present.

I was surprised recently to have an issue from long ago reemerge, one I thought I had dealt with. "Not this again," I thought. Yet there was a deeper level to it. Then I remembered I had been visiting a local river and actually spent 20 minutes watching dragonflies zip around in their scores. A message? Perhaps it is time for this memory to come back up, unwelcome as it is, so it can be learned from for good and released.

Inner Change Leads To Outer Transformation

We can't change on the inside without it having radical outer ramifications. Rather than this sounding ominous, this is wonderful. Where would we be without new ideas, new facets of ourself emerging, and powerful change sweeping away the old so the new can burst through?

Watch the dragonfly in flight and see how quickly it changes direction and how often. Practically all they do is fly around radically changing direction. Whilst we would not want to do that as often, we can see where this symbolism comes from. The water they often fly over is like a mirror that looks deep inside, so we are changing on the inside, not just the outer. This means the change is deeper and probably well earned.

Power, Speed, Agility, Grace

Without doubt these creatures are fast, agile and really quite graceful. You can get a fright when one flies up to you at full speed, almost like an attack, but then it hovers just near you taking a look. They have amazing eyesight also and can see in every direction around themselves. Incredibly fast with powerful and beautiful wings, like a little spirit creature visiting, or a fairy in disguise. In some cultures they represent good luck, abundance, harmony and happiness, so they are a welcome sign.

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