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What Do Doves Symbolize?

You've seen a Dove and want to know what it means or symbolizes. You may dream about Doves or find their feathers on your path. This can certainly be a message from the universe since birds carry symbolic and spiritual meaning. The message of the Dove is often Purity, Innocence or as a Messenger.


Spiritual Meaning Of Doves

Birds can often be a wonderful sign of good luck, especially if we don't see this kind of bird very often. The dove especially is a bird symbolizing love, purity and innocence.

We often hear the term "lovey dovey". If you see a dove and it strands out to you, or sets off your intuition, it can be seen as a messenger that is describing love, and not always romantic love as it may be a kind of spiritual love. Perhaps you are being more loving to yourself as well as others. Tune into your intuition and see if you can sense what this bird is meaning for you.

Doves are often a pure white and are seen as spiritual birds. They are also a symbol of peace in today's world, and doves may be released at ceremonies to represent peace, at weddings to represent love, or at funerals to represent the passing of a loved one.

The dove can also represent balance, and you may look at your life to see if any aspect is out of balance, for example your relationship or work life. You may be inspired to heal any disturbances in relationships, to forgive others, or to bring the peace.

Sometimes doves can mean feminine energy, healing energy, and maternity. See where this is relevant in your life. If you have recently lost a loved one, this dove could represent them in spirit form saying hello or passing on a message of encouragement.

The dove is also a symbol of the holy spirit, or it may represent your higher self, trying to reach out to communicate. Watch the other signs around you to determine this. It is a positive sign, the white a strong sign of innocence around you or perhaps the innocence of children who can help you to achieve a more childlike state. See which situations in your life could use a bit of innocence at times, a bit of childlike wonder or a refreshing of your world view.

Remember that the earth is innocent and so is the nature upon her, no matter what we, the humans, may try to do. Peace is coming to this earth no matter what, and often we just need to work through the last vestiges of trouble before we can welcome in that peace with open arms.

Doves, or white birds in general, can also mean we have passed a spiritual initiation, and it can indicate enlightenment. You may have gained knowledge and the universe is simply acknowledging this with a few doves or, say, cockatoos for example. In this case it is a wonderful sign and is unlikely that you could step backwards again on your spiritual path. Congratulations.

Dreams Of Doves

A dream of a dove may be an even stronger indication of the above, for we know that love and peace are on our mind, or are soon to be. A dream of a dove may also mean we are soon to meet someone who we will engage in romantically. It can indicate we have peace in our life or we may be a negotiator who can help others to achieve peace.

It can also be a sign of friendships when in your dreams, or a message from your guides or angels. Try to figure out what the dove was doing in your dream or if it spoke, was this significant? I would take notice of any dream that contains doves and try to heed the message. It can also mean blessings and good health. You will probably go through a period of blissful contentment after this dream.

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