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What Do Condors Symbolize?

What does the Condor symbolize and mean? Have you had an encounter or dream involving condors? The message of the condor involves moving beyond what is obvious to going beneath to more esoteric realms of experience. Condor is a visionary, survivor, teacher and healer, and is also a type of vulture or carrion eater.


Spiritual Meaning Of Condor

The Condor can represent many esoteric mysteries, or things that are not obvious but more of a hidden nature. He can see through mysteries meaning that any person with a condor totem or spirit animal will see very deeply, experiencing life's mysteries and learning from them.

Condor specialises in inner sight, perception and even visions. There is a visual gift here and keen interpretation of signs from the universe that may be around. Even dreams will have special meaning and can be read more easily. Of course this means improved intuition or even psychic awareness that is heightened. Training can always help to improve certain psychic abilities. Mental quickness is also indicated, and mental pursuits are appreciated. Seeing what others miss and being able to take full advantage of information is your gift.

The condor, with its keen eyesight, also represents Visualisation. This can be used for problem solving or coming to decisions. Trust your vision right now with condor around as it is able to lead you in the correct direction.

The condor might be said to represent death due to the fact they eat carrion, but as we know 'death' is another word for Transformation. Death followed by rebirth is an apt description one could use. Survival is another theme, since the condor was recently so close to extinction but are now successfully bouncing back in numbers. This is a bird of tenacity that should survive after being almost hunted to extinction.

Due to their high perspective, flying high above us, the condor is also a teacher, perhaps a metaphysical teacher and one with great insight. Not just teaching but condor has innate leadership qualities and is able to guide others steadily.

Condors may also be healers at times and are creative, and possess different or new ways to heal that are definitely on the new edge of knowledge. You can learn a lot by hanging around condor. This would be a brilliant animal to have as a totem or spirit animal, or even having a mentor who is a condor person.

Dreams Of Condor

The condor is a type of vulture. Whilst seeing a condor in life is an excellent sign of clear vision and positive sight, seeing one in a dream is negative in connotation. Condors in dreams usually represent someone in your life now or soon. It means this person is scheming behind your back, trying to slander or injure either you or your standing. They will not succeed unless the vulture is sickly or deceased. Slander and gossip often accompany this dream so watch your back and keep your eyes open as it's a warning dream.

If you can imagine a vulture who watches what is going on from afar; this is what is occurring and you may be under watch from someone waiting for a chance to spread lies to bring you down.

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