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What Does The Cockatoo Symbolize?

You've seen a Cockatoo and want to know what it means or symbolizes? Or you dream of Cockatoos, or find their feathers on your path.This can certainly be a message from the universe since birds carry symbolic and spiritual meaning. The message of the cockatoo is that Miracles are around you now or are soon to enter your life. Your spiritual friends on the other side are commending you. It's a celebration!


Spiritual Meaning Of Cockatoo

Seeing a cockatoo can be a wonderful sign of your good work or progress, especially if they don't show up very often. If you are visited by a cockatoo, or a group of them from out of the blue, you know that something special may be happening.

The cockatoo is a noisy but uplifting bird. They are often seen in massive flocks that can visit a neighbourhood or hang around where you live for a shorter or longer time. Or have you seen one when traveling or visiting others?

This bird can indicate that you have success, whether this is in worldly life or a spiritual kind of success, one that no one else knows about. Have you overcome obstacles or become awakened spiritually? You are certainly on the right path and traveling well. Things may well become a lot more easier from now on as obstacles will be lifted and it will be easier to manifest what you need for your spiritual mission on earth. You may have passed a spiritual test (courtesy of your angels). They are saying you are doing brilliantly.

The cockatoo is free and so are you. They often represent community as well as communication, such as clear communication is indicated. This bird is a celebration of who YOU are, so keep being your best self. It can appear after the fact of your success, almost like a party is indicated for you. Are your spirit friends partying? Yes, probably!

This is definitely a bird of encouragement. Notice exactly how you interact with them, for example, do they fly directly overhead, visit your garden, or encounter them one on one? I once lived across the road from a mansion that had a big white tower and several palm trees. A large flock of cockatoos loved to fly all around the tower each day and I would watch them, entranced. What a noisy but happy bunch they were.

Happy change is around you now. Enjoy your journey as the 'cocky' shares his lightheartedness with you.

Black Cockatoos

Black cockatoos are rarer to see but are very spiritual birds. Because it is black does not indicate anything negative in any way.

Again these are celebratory birds that indicate empowerment in your life. You have or are about to accomplish something big. You experience that rare freedom and joy. Negative emotions are behind you now and you rejoice and are free to move forward. There may be more wealth around you now when you see this bird, but I feel a spiritual wealth, one that was earned without hurting or disrespecting others; one that is likely to last in other words.

Cockatoos In Dreams

If you have been visited in your dreams, it may be your spirit guides paying you a visit, giving you a sign and this is a good sign. Much like seeing them in waking life, dreaming of a cockatoo is positive unless it was sick or unhealthy. Work out the meaning of this dream using your intuition and looking at what the cockatoo is doing or even saying (since it may talk to you). Seeing them around others is also very positive for those others in a dream.

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