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BUTTERFLY - Angel Sign

Seeing a butterfly can be a sign from your angels that transformation and change are on their way. Just as a caterpillar will meta morph into a beautiful butterfly and take flight, so too shall we undergo similar inner transformation. When a butterfly particularly attracts out attention, we know this to be a sign. It may fly in front of our face or land on us whilst we sit in a garden. These signs are hard to ignore and the curious will always seek an answer.

Butterfly Angel SignSpiritual Meaning

Butterflies are both fragile and uplifting, so it is not difficult to understand why we become enchanted by these small creatures. They start out in a lowly state, bound to inch along the ground or a twig in search of green matter to eat. When they are ready, the weave a cocoon around their body and privately begin to change, radically, only to emerge triumphant with wings and take to the air. So their most basic meaning is that of transformation. Have you been slowly but steadily transforming yourself in private, ready now to emerge and fly?

I also feel that butterflies encompass the meaning of Love, very simple love and joyfulness. When we see one flit by, aren't we reminded of the beauty of life and nature? I believe too that they encompass Patience, for the caterpillar transforms slowly into its true potential. Although butterflies live but short lifespans, they live it freely and joyously. They also represent Change. Most directly, this is the message for us when the butterfly engages with us. This change can allow us to flourish and become even more free, and we are advised to flow with the changes. They may need to happen, one way or another. We should relinquish control when we see the butterfly and let the change happen; it will probably be out of our control anyway.

A Metaphor For The Soul

Think of your soul as on a long journey during its sojourn on Earth and elsewhere; think of the amazing transformation our souls undergo over time, patiently and yet ever changing. We grow more spiritual as we evolve, unable but to help growing closer to the divine. Can you see the same parallel with the butterfly's wise journey? In the end, this fragile creature flies free above the rest of us, closer to heaven. When we see a butterfly, we are reminded of this soul journey, and not to rush our life. We can't force our wings to grow overnight. It is not a flashy or public occurrence. With the slow patience and at the pace of nature, wings grow and unfurl.

Angel Confirmation

If you are communicating with your angels, they can sometimes send a butterfly our way just to say they are there, or they love us. Like a flash when we see one, our heart opens up. Perhaps we are in need of 'lightness', or our thoughts are too heavy and gloomy. Do we need to focus on the joy already in our life? More than one butterfly can be quite beautiful, if you should happen to be in a cloud of them. Your angels are giving you a big hug.

Comfort From Someone Who Passed

The spirits of loved ones who have passed also often send signs of this kind in the form of insects or animals, so if you have been thinking of a loved one and see one of these signs, they are saying hello and sending confirmation of their presence.

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