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What Does The Blue Jay Symbolize?

You've seen a Blue Jay and want to know what it means or what it symbolizes. You dream about Blue Jays or find their feathers on your path. This can certainly be a message from the universe since birds carry symbolic and spiritual meaning. The message is regarding Clarity and Strength; standing up for yourself and bold enough to communicate all you need to.

Blue Jay

Spiritual Meaning Of Blue Jay

First up, birds are a good sign whether in real life or in a dream. We have nothing to fear from seeing them, and often a bird can be a wonderful sign of good luck, especially if we don't see it very often. To be visited by a blue jay out of the blue, you know that something special is happening.

The blue jay is a bold bird that doesn't have many friends, yet this never stops it from living up to its nature as a trickster with a noisy call. My impression is this bird teaches us to be bold, stand up to others and to just be ourself. We cannot all be popular all the time.

The blue jay has integrity and speaks loudly even though its call can be harsh. Do you need to say something out loud to another; are you afraid to because you think it might not be accepted? Too bad; if it needs to be said then say it. This bird is the colour of communication, a blue colour matching the throat chakra. It is time to speak up, be bold and follow your own good advice, even if it makes you a bit unpopular. Some may admire your stand or take inspiration. They are talkative creatures and can mimic others as well.

The blue jay will attack if it needs to, so this is saying to be forceful. You may really need to get your point across.

Blue jays are smart and assertive. Those with blue jay as their totem will be determined and loyal to others. They keep their partners for life. They will back themselves against bigger threats.

Blue jay is often a symbol of CLARITY of thought and also fearlessness. It asks us to be honest and go for our plans without letting anything stop us. We can have the determination to follow through with what projects we need to. If Blue Jay visits you, see where you need the most courage, what projects need an extra push and go for it. You may need to speak over others, exert yourself or have that extra vitality. Now is not the time to be shy.

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