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What Do Bears Symbolize?

What does the Bear symbolize and mean? Have you had an encounter or dream involving bears? The message of bear is one of Strength, Groundedness, Earth Power, and Solitude. When we think of bears, we immediately think of their physical strength and uncompromising attitude but there's a lot more to them including healing and their solitary lifestyle. Keep reading about Bear Spirit Animal and their characteristics below.


Spiritual Meaning Of Bear

The bear is an animal of courage and supportive energies. It is obviously a pillar of physical strength, so to see a bear or cross paths with one may be a message that strength or courage is needed to meet challenges and that you have reserves of emotional or physical stamina or strength. You just need to draw on it. Meanwhile, bears do not worry about how strong they are or consider failure; they have the confidence to take on whatever they face in the name of survival.

It's an animal that represents Leadership on many levels, and there is no compromise. The bear decides what it wants and then follows through with its actions. So too can you do this if bear spirit animal is around you. The time for action is now, and you don't need to be immersed in endless thought or planning, simply act in a straightforward fashion.

Bears are solitary creatures who don't need to rely on any other creature. Do you need to spend more time alone to gather your resources or reserves? Perhaps you need some time out of your regular schedule to regroup, rethink or gather yourself.

Another strong theme for bear is Protection, such as a female bear taking care of her cubs. Also, generally bears have a connection to feminine energy. There is something comforting about the image of the bear with its protective qualities. Bears can be ferocious when needed and do not make good enemies, but are loving with their young and will give their life to protect them.

Bear spirit can also be a healer in times of change or need. Listen to what the bear says to you, listen to your intuition to see what can best help you to recover or heal yourself. This is one of the best animals to call on should you need it and you should come out on top with bear around.

Lastly, when we think of a big, sturdy bear, we can almost feel their grounding power going deep into the earth. This animal is grounded and earthy. If you're flighty or give up easily on challenges, bring in bear energy to help you root yourself deeply into the earth, as you will feel better for it. Meditate with bear and ask that it's characteristics come into you so you may perform better.

Native American Bear Beliefs

There's a long history of bear symbolism in Native American societies that goes way back. Essentially, bears have been associated with Shaman (the medicine man), healing and wisdom for time immemorial. Bears could bring support to certain tribes who would perform a bear dance to conjure the bear spirit to lend courage and fend off attackers, to assure success before a hunt or battle.

Bears were also thought to bring good luck to the wearer of bear charms, so the power of the bear has always been acknowledged by these tribes and their beliefs.

Dreams Of Bear

The bear in a dream often represents someone particular in your life in a negative role. Generally, the bear is indicating overwhelming competition is present in many areas of your life, which you will need to conquer. You may be overcome in some way from a fierce rival so, have courage.

If you are able to drive off or kill the bear, you will overcome these issues and win the prize or competition. Take a look at your life to see where this situation is. If the bear is hesitant, then in life have the temerity to attack with full force to be the victor.

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