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Dating A Romantic Energy Vampire

I have written before about the more harmless variety of energy vampire here, and that article describes the vampirism of a person's precious time, energy and sympathy. If I was to generalise the common energy vampire, it is typically females who seek endless sympathy or a listening ear to the everyday issues they face, in order to steal the energy off another, leaving them feeling frustrated and drained of all vitality. The Romantic energy vampire is an entirely different kettle of fish and is much more dangerous and difficult to dislodge. Please read this article if you recognise you may be an unwitting victim of a romantic energy vampire. I also call these types of people a Trap, or a romantic trap that as women, we can be all too susceptible to - and I speak from experience on this one.

Who Are The Romantic Vampires?

vampireRomantic Vampire is a term I have coined after my own sad experiences with these types of people. They are typically men and it will soon become obvious why this is so. It is interesting that the more common energy vampires are women whilst the romantic vampires are men. This reflects the difference in the sexes when it comes to "feeding" off another's energy. Women will typically do this exclusively through conversation and attempting to elicit endless sympathy or aid, whilst men will typically do this exclusively through the sexual relationship, which will involve Power over their victim in a sexual context and in all aspects of their life.

In both forms of vampirism, women are the usual victims. Women pray on other women through false friendships, and men pray on women sexually through false love. This probably isn't surprising since the female gender is a giving and nurturing gender. This giving is quite simply being taken advantage of by both sexes through stealth, manipulation and through victims unwittingly giving their "consent" to have their energy drained. I say consent is given because the victim must allow another to drain in order for it to occur. This is the "back door" if you like, this consent that allows the predator vampire to gain entry into the life of a giving person.

The Signs Of Loving An Energy Vampire

At the beginning of a relationship, the signs are few and far between, but importantly they are there. In my experience, these men are always extremely charming and almost too good to be true. A woman will ask herself why such a charming man is so interested, but she may not question it for long because the vampire will overwhelm her with signs of love, and be equipped to woe a woman powerfully. These men, in my experience, are quite informed and adept at Sex Magic.

Sex magic is not normal sex and not a normal sexual attraction - it is much more pronounced than this. If you have had sex magic performed on you, you will know the difference. A master at this will use certain (solar plexus chakra) energy on you to attract, charm and subdue, almost like a form of hypnotism. Remember that a man that truly loves you will never hypnotise or sex magic you. You may call it dishonest, or you may call it love, at first. Most romantic vampires are adept at the dark art of sex magic, which is also used by satanic types and those involved in ritual and other dark arts. This is also the TRAP component of the romantic vampire, and it doesn't help at all if he is good looking and powerful, and the female is lonely or vulnerable.

A warning: often these vampires marry their victims. I am speaking of a long range Plan of energy vampirism (pre-planned), and being married to one of these men involves them having total power over another and tying that person to them for life, if they can survive that long.

The actual vampirism that goes on in such relationships will be known to most of us. The romantic vampire actually feeds off their victim by causing pain and then enjoying the result of that pain. They suffer from a kind of common delusion where they see the relationship as a "competition" and by causing pain, they view themselves as the victors and as "winning". This makes very little sense to the victim, and it can take them long years to realise the pain caused to them has been a show of power and a way to claim victory in the GAME. This is because the woman has unwittingly fallen in love, and is searching for love being returned. The vampire is deceptively playing another game altogether, as we shall see.

How Does It Begin?

BatIt begins normally enough, in fact the vampire can seem extremely loving, unusually sexy, very intelligent, but also separate. Vampires will be emotionally or intellectually separate. They will see their self as above their lady victim, above them in worldly power and as the controller in the relationship. They will look down on their victim, act intellectually superior, and the victim has to ask herself at this point, why aren't I an equal? Major warning sign! The victim may even consent to this treatment. By accepting certain treatment silently, we actually consent to it, please never ever do this. We are all equal, and that vampire may just turn out to be beneath you and someone you would rather leave behind!

A big weapon in the romantic vampire's arsenal is emotional turmoil and confusion. They can literally spell a person into believing they are loved, whilst they daily torment them in seemingly small emotional ways. This torment, whilst it seems trivial at first, will chip away at the female's confidence. Vampires show two sides simultaneously - a loving and seemingly loyal side, and a wicked and cruel side that seems to just peek out at first. They have so many tricks in their books that I could not list all of them even if I tried. Causing guilt, shame, embarrassment, feelings of inadequacy, the list is actually endless.

Each vampire has their own tricks when it comes to causing emotional pain, suffering and keeping their victims unbalanced, unable to catch their breath, and confused, overwhelmed or stunned. They learn what the victim's triggers are, and endlessly search for new emotional triggers to use, whilst overwhelming their target with constant messages of pain. They can make the victim feel like they are going insane, or imagining everything - this is a quite deliberate and useful strategy. It would be useful to read the novel "Fifty Shades Of Grey" to experience a character, Christian Grey, who is adept at sex magic, hypnotism, sadism, and fooling an inexperienced woman into believing this is love, all the while his control is constant and never wavering. Unlike this romantic storybook, bringing such a character back into the light is nearly impossible. You must ask yourself if you intend to try this, is it really worth it?

When you meet someone who is capable of systematically destroying another soul over the long term with mere words, you know that you are dealing with a destructive master who has spent lifetimes reincarnating and honing his skills at quietly and effortlessly destroying a loving soul from the inside of their very defenses. And they feed off all of this; don't forget they do it to feed and vampire off your energy and pain for their own satisfaction.

vampire teeth

When A Vampire Cannot Break You

Vampirism always escalates over time, never diminishes! The hardcore vampire always gets more and more hungry and is never sated. This is the nature of darkness and power hunger, it grows, never lessens! Your pain is so sweet to them, and you give it voluntarily, never realising you are the victim in THEIR game. You are innocent and it never occurred to you such a game could and does exist. It is time to get out.

Predictably, the romantic vampire gets angry when they are hungry for the victim's sweet submission. If they cannot easily pain her, or feed when it is convenient to them, they begin to see her as too strong, and they determine to weaken her even further with violence, which simply escalates to more violence until she is dead. If she tries to leave, they will not let her go, and may seek the harshest of revenge until they have WON. Remember, this game of power is about who is the "victor"; in their minds this is their reality. This explains the incomprehensible acts of violence in marriages and relationships. What the victim has to eventually and painfully process is that the love shown to them was a deceit, a carrot dangled, or a lure to catch the fish. There was never any real love on the offing, just the chance to snare a willing participant in the game of power.

Some men, who become enraged at losing their victim when she leaves, will even murder his (and her) own children so as to win at any cost. It is the ultimate betrayal and evil we know of.

The reason this is becoming more common could be because this type of mental illness is not recognised in our world. These people are seen as sane, and not as the dangerous, delusional trap-setters that they really are. Some vampires are devious enough to take out life insurance before doing the deed. They will suck a woman dry of her self esteem and cause constant emotional pain, then do the ultimate evil of ending her life.

They always finish what they have started, they will not let the female escape or let her win. Vampires are monsters, in fiction and in real life. The good news is that we can see the signs and understand what drives their constant need to inflict pain. Then we can cut them off, withdraw our consent, and then move on. As women, we have the right to live our life without energy-sucking parasites attaching to us and deceiving us that they mean well. We do not deserve their punishment, revenge, anger or hatred. Let's be wary of them and repel them at every chance. Do not be drained of your life force, or your very life, because it conveniences someone else. Thank you for reading.

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