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Getting A Reading? What To Expect

tarot cardsHave you never had a psychic reading before and you are wondering what will happen? How do you know if the psychic is the real deal? This article will hopefully provide some information that will dissolve the mystery and make the way easier for anyone who wishes to venture into the world of psychics.

Are Psychics Real?

Speaking as a psychic, I can state that psychics are real and there are very few fakes. Of the occasional fakes that I have come across, they may do it as an easy way to make a buck, but I find that they always find some excuse as to why their readings are so bad. They will blame an illness that is "affecting their chakras" or some kind of technology that is interfering with them. That is a load of bull. When you are psychic, you have it all of the time, even during migraines, or loud music or in polluted areas. There is just no excuse for a bad reading. Any psychic that makes excuses is not truly psychic so move on because I think 95% are the real deal.

Is It Wrong Or Bad To See A Psychic?

Not at all. Actually it is a lot of fun, and I think everyone should try it at least once. Psychics are using gifts that we all possess, they have merely developed theirs further than most. These gifts are natural and are helpful. Just as we are given the gift of sight and hearing, we also have gifts of clairvoyance, seeing psychically, and clairaudience, hearing psychically. I believe that God gave us these gifts to use to help ourself and others.

A true, spiritual psychic will always give an uplifting reading. You will always feel a little healed after a reading, you will feel calmer and hopefully your problems will have gained more perspective. This is because readings come from a spiritual source, and come from Spirit. Spirit uses our psychic senses to relay information, and it comes with love. Rarely, a dishonest psychic will give a fearful reading, hoping to get future business. For example, their ploy may be to claim there is a curse (read here about curses), then a fee is suggested for the psychic to remove it. If you ever come across this old-fashioned game, run, the psychic is conning you. Likewise with spells; any psychic peddling a love spell or a power spell or whatever will solve your issue, run. It is unfortunate that some talented psychics resort to this but they are in the minority.

Are you still interested and not put off? Good! There are some great readings to be had that can illuminate the issues in life.

Finding Your Psychic

Locally is probably best if you wish to see a psychic in person. This is the more expensive option and will mean a longer and more detailed reading.

Now that we have the internet, readings can be skyped, emailed, messaged, and of course there are telephone readings. Choose the method you feel most comfortable with. An emailed reading can be the cheapest option and also the most convenient. There are classifieds on eBay which are very competitively priced and most psychics are very good. Hint: I would absolutely avoid the large businesses and the expensive psychic hotlines. Go with your psychic who is working at home for him or herself.

What Happens In A Psychic Reading?

You have booked your reading and you turn up to visit your psychic. Or you are skyping with them or speaking on the phone. You will get down to business quickly because you are being charged for the time.

archangel gabriel cardGenerally a psychic will tune in on you and your guides and this shouldn't take more than a moment. If they are using cards, they will shuffle the cards and begin to lay them out. That is all the time it takes to connect and start reading for you.

You will not really want to interrupt too much during the reading as this can break the flow and the connection. The psychic is being shown information through images, or through sensing, and they will also be hearing things clairaudiently. When they have a natural pause, choose this time to ask a question. Whilst they are speaking, allow them to exhaust the information they have to bring you.

You might want to record the reading when it is in person. There is always far too much information to remember, and you may only remember 10% of the gems that are said to you, so get it on tape.

You may not immediately understand everything being said so have an open mind. Go away and think deeply whether the information applies to you.

The way psychics operate is to provide confirmation and they usually do this first up. The start of the reading will be about you and where you are. You will be given information that you should understand, that should be familiar and will allow you to know that the psychic has a good connection to their source. After the confirmation, they will read on your issues and your future.

For email readings, you will receive your reading in an email. If you asked a question, it should be answered by spirit in some way. It is wise not to keep emailing the psychic for more information after they have finished your reading. You could email once with a follow-up question, but to keep asking for more weeks later, that hasn't been paid for will bring no result. It is a common problem for email readers.

Hopefully this short guide has helped some to understand a little of what to expect with a psychic. The best way to learn is to jump in and try! (Please note that I do not do readings on this website.)

To read much more about Psychic Abilities, please visit my new website by clicking on the banner below (opens in new window).

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