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Powerful Protection Prayers & Mantras

Words carry intrinsic power, especially words that invoke the divine and angels for protection and help. Whatever the reason why we need protection, our guardian angels and angels of protection will step in and help when we are in trouble.

Protection From Situations And People

The best way I know how to ask for immediate help from a menacing person, a dangerous situation or other emergency, is to invoke the power of Archangel Michael, who is the guardian of all of us. His energy can encapsulate us and protect us if that is our higher will and the will of the universe. You may like to say something like this:

"Archangel Michael, come to me now in my need and bring divine protection to myself and (insert names of others if needed). Quickly and fully protect us Now and make sure no harm comes to us. Surround us in your powerful Light. We thank you. Amen."

If you wish, and you have opportunity, you can add details of your situation to the prayer. If you have no time at all, you can simply say Help Angels, or call out Michael! for protection. This kind of prayer comes in handy if you are afraid of some crazy person, have a stalker, or find yourself in a dicey situation such as being lost, drowning, stuck on a faulty roller coaster - just about any situation you can think of. The angels love to comfort us and loving angels will always step in immediately to help.
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Protection From Negative Spirits and Malevolent Entities

If you want to say a specific prayer during the night for psychic protection against unwanted and unfriendly visitors, I will share the one I wrote and have had some success with.

"Dear Angels (or God). Please remove all negative entities from me Now, cutting all cords between me and them. Please remove them from all the Earth dimensions and planes where possible, taking them elsewhere in the Universe where they may better fit. Cut all cords between them and all who are on Earth. Where possible, please take them to the Temple Of Light where they can be brought back into the light. If needed, please repolarise them back to the light. Thank you angels and God. Amen."

I often say this prayer myself when something negative is around trying to influence me. I have seen angels lead some negative spirits away after saying this prayer. I feel that negative spirits can be removed permanently from the earthly planes when we ask it. This way we not only stop them but can help cleanse the Earth field of these evil beings.

Psychic Protection Mantras

The simple mantra I use if I feel edgy during a psychic attack is "love and light" that is repeated a few times - does the trick. Or you could use any of the below mantras:
  • I am light
  • I am surrounded by light
  • I am safe
  • I am protected
  • Angels protect me
  • Christ protects me
  • God protects me
  • Love and Light
To learn specific techniques for psychic protection in the home, please go to this page 13 Psychic Protection Techniques

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