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The Pineal Gland & Psychism

The Pineal Gland is a small gland in the dead center of the human brain, said to be the Seat of the Soul in humans and also where our psychic powers come from, our ability to sense the future, other dimensions and our own higher messages. It is otherwise known as the third eye and does indeed have the capacity to sense light, since it contains retina-like structures within it and is connected to the optic part of the brain. The Pineal gland secretes melatonnin. After puberty, this gland starts to shrink and secretes less melatonnin.


Where it sits is the location of the third eye chakra, which is a wheel of energy or energy seal between the physical and etheric body. It is usually described as the access point for our astral body where the astral body separates from the physical body during sleep to become our vehicle for nighttime journeys. Some people have the ability to consciously astral travel where they will.

What is fascinating about the Pineal is it secretes a substance called DMT (dimethyltryptamine), a psychedelic substance or a giver of spiritual or paranormal experiences. Unfortunately our levels of DMT lessen as we age and as the gland itself becomes calcified through the ingestion of sodium fluoride, an unnatural substance added to our water. The Pineal gland attracts this fluoride which then builds up and calcifies the gland, which some researchers say could be a major cause of Alzheimers. The bad fluoride is the sodium fluoride, not to be confused with naturally occurring calcium fluoride such as contained in tea.

Fluoride In Water

It is arguable that our water is fluoridated for just this reason, to reduce the use of the human Pineal and thus reduce the power of intuition and deductive reasoning. As a psychic who has always drank ordinary fluoridated water, I wonder if this really does dumb us down or if this is a convenient excuse to explain the general dumbness of humans. I believe more so that moronic television programming and the eating of junk food that doesn't feed the brain is more of a culprit, although fluoridation of the Pineal could have some effect. If we were to entirely blame water fluoride, then why is only a segment of the population stupid and another segment intelligent? Why are some of us psychic and others are not? For this reason I'm not completely convinced. I believe we are fed fluoride because it is damaging to the bones especially (boron supplementation can reverse this), however I do not think we need to fear that we are being "robbed" of our psychic powers.

In a very real sense, many souls that seem "dumb"  to others are simply younger souls with less experience, and this explains why some people are more easily fooled by corrupt agendas or are generally more docile and ready to trust and follow authority without independent thought on their own behalf. Many blindly follow as truth whatever the TV tells them to. To blame this on fluoridated water seems a bit of a stretch since many souls come to Earth to learn the important lessons of discernment and the lesson to not blindly follow. Don't forget many souls are innocent and do not imagine evil or corruption at the highest levels exist. Whilst Hitler was the first to put fluoride in the water supply to control people and make people more docile, since then, our own governments have followed suit.

Human Self Government

Despite fluoride being toxic to humans, no one really seems to care and this says more about human nature and humans being very easy to control. Many of them like to be controlled; indeed, they feel lost without it. Humans are at a point in evolution where they are supposed to be putting up their hands and governing themselves, but they have failed so far to stand up and do this, preferring for someone else to govern them and tell them what to do. Most never take any interest in anything political except where it could affect them financially.

In past evolutions, humanity was supposed to "follow" however that stage of growth is over and humans are becoming known for their stubbornness by refusing to step up. Their laziness is phenomenal for wanting others to endlessly govern them whilst they don't have to bother making any choices for themselves. Humans want to be coddled and have everything handed to them and en mass they refuse to take any responsibility. Fluoride in their water this is a lesson regarding their lack of interest in world affairs leading to this total mess we are living in.

Auras, Chakras and Psychic Sensitivity

What else could contribute to psychic ability and explain why some of us are more psychic than others? Constant practice, deliberate sensitivity and "listening" to train are huge factors. Another factor I believe is Aura colour. In other words, the colour of the aura can contribute to how sensitively we are sensing energy.

We do not only use the third eye chakra for psychic information, we use many other chakras and our aura to sense energy and know things. This is not a hard and fast "science" and not something anyone can quantify in exact ways, so we need to reply on psychics to describe how they do things, as well as information gleaned from higher sources like our spirit guides and angels.

The predominant colour of the aura can show how much psychic potential we have and what psychic centres we are using. Purple and violet colours for example indicate strong psychic sensitivity. Aura colour can indicate how evolved one may be, and many people I have done aura readings for have had all kinds of golds, whites, violets and clear crystal in their auras, indicating advanced use of higher chakras that come naturally to them. They have developed these chakras in past life times. I have been spoiled in the sense that intuitive people are the ones who purchase readings in the first place, so I generally see lovely colours and every aura is different, like a fingerprint. Auras do change and are never static, but an underlying colour or predominant colour is there.

Other Psychic Chakras

Since chakras are energy centres and energy is information, it is through all of our chakras that we receive specific energies, be they emotional (the solar plexus chakra) or sexual (the sacral chakra), or grounding energies (the root chakra).

The sacral chakra holds the ability for clairsentience or empathy so if this chakra is healthy, unblocked and open then our ability will increase. The throat chakra aids communication when balanced and open, but also is the center for clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairgustance (in order: clear hearing, clear smelling, and clear tasting).

Third eye abilities may seem more thrilling or glamorous in a sense and that might be why this chakra is much more well known. Clear seeing or clairvoyance is perhaps the most coveted of the psychic abilities. You can use clairvoyance and all the chakras in a limited or more full way. It is said that when the third eye is fully open, a person can see images like on a TV screen to watch the future, present or even past. An etheric tube extends out of the third eye that can connect to the scene to be viewed. I have never experienced this specific thing so whilst I receive images psychically, it is not like a TV screen, I feel it is more like my mind is given pure information and then my brain translates that information into an image which I then "look" at. It would be interesting if this etheric tube was real. One of the most gifted psychics of our recent past was Nostradamous, so if anyone had such a gift it was he, since he saw stunning images of the future and all of our technology.

Chakras in the Head and Above

There are several other chakras in the head in addition to the third eye. The Crown chakra is a particularly spiritual chakra associated with the colours gold and white, and that leads to the chakras that hover above the head region, which we ALL have. The Crown chakra can connect us to our soul and God; it is where a sense of oneness can enter in and where we build an energy bridge to the Soul to begin to embody the soul here on Earth. We have chakras that extend far into space and to the Great Central Sun to infinity, for we are connected on the highest level, this being our ultimate blessing for being a child of Creator.

Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking

If you really want to mess up your aura, punch holes in your spiritual protection and dim down your psychic abilities, then just take drugs, drink and smoke. Drugs especially punch holes in the protective aura thus allowing negative spirits entry, and I am not sure those holes can be fixed. I would never touch a drug for this reason. Binging on alcohol and especially smoking can dim and turn down your psychic sensitivity and can also put your whole aura out of whack. Simply eat healthy and fresh foods, not junk, drink clean water for the most part, and keep high thoughts in your aura then practice with each chakra and see what you can develop.

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