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Healing Empathy Fatigue

Is a sense of overactive empathy driving you to distraction? If you find that you are particularly empathic to others' emotions and feelings, you may want to consider winding it back somewhat. Learn to save your empathy for those who count the most, and stop endlessly feeling pulled in every direction under the sun.

overactive empathy

What Is Overactive Empathy?

Firstly, what is empathy? If you have just landed on this page, you can read about empathy in this article 10 Signs Of Being An Empath. After reading this you should know if this is your situation or not. Many people born under a water sign or with a lot of water in their chart can be like emotional sponges to others, and this is often to their own detriment. (You can still be an empath even if you don't have water influences.) If we are constantly linking to other's emotions, when do we have time for our own emotional life?

Fortunately, an ability/gift like empathy can be honed, better understood, and also turned down when we wish it.

The term 'overactive empathy' simply means a state where the empath is not limiting their empathic reception, and may let it do as it pleases, which can and often does cause total overload to an empath's emotional body. It can take up a lot of time processing other people's issues and resonating all too closely to pain that isn't even the empath's own. It becomes a heavy and unwanted burden. If you are an empath who likes to please people, then you will find yourself constantly trying to heal the pain of others, and this is exhausting. This is a clear case of overactive empathy.

How To Limit Empathic Reaction

The process that an empath goes through when they limit their reception is not to turn empathy off completely, indeed this would be a very difficult and undesirable thing to do. Our natural empathy is given to us for a reason, for it is a way to gain information psychically about those around us, and this is ALWAYS good. It is the way that we process the information that causes empaths problems.

Since empaths are rarely trained in how to process the information that is incoming to their emotional bodies, they tend to do what is easiest, and that is to let it take them over with sensation and feeling that others are experiencing. They do not realise that there is another way to process these feelings that come from others. Of course, there is another way.

First, the empath comes to the realisation that they can actually control what is happening to them. For myself, this occurred like a lightening bolt when someone gave me a book that discussed empathy and how to fix overactive empathy. For the first time I realised that (1) I was empathic, and (2) I could change the way I reacted and interacted with the world!

Once this realisation is found - that this situation can completely change, the empath is halfway to doing this.

'What Is Yours' vs 'What Is Theirs'

This step is about learning to consciously identify which energy is your own, and which comes from another. Spot it as it arises. Think to yourself, "This pain, am 'I' in pain? Who is in pain, and why?"

If you identify it as your own reaction to something, deal with your pain how you normally do; you will have to work through it. But if it comes from outside of you, you do not have to deal with it. All you need to do is acknowledge it and then let it go. Do it consciously. The emotion, whether anger, sadness, depression or even if it is physical pain from another you are taking on, let it go. Have the intention to let it go. Don't hold on. Focus elsewhere and dismiss it.

It is normal for many people to feel what others do, but once felt let it go again. Make a decision if you even need to butt in and give advice. Maybe you don't need to do that. If the pain or emotion does not belong to you, feel it once then let it go and move on. Focus on what YOU are feeling, not them. Moving your focus should be enough here. Focus on what you think, not what they think. This is called centering. And the energy you pick up from them will lessen to manageable levels.

The KEY Is - Be Less Personal

The next step in transforming empathy is to intend within yourself to change your reaction to the information that is incoming from others. You want to be able to sense what people are feeling, but not take on those feelings personally.

Sense -> Be Aware -> Feel It -> Don't Engage In It -> LET IT GO

This is about taking a step back and watching what others feel without embracing it. After plenty of embracing of other's emotions, it becomes obvious that we can't fix everyone, in fact it is difficult enough just trying to help one person, sometimes that is more than enough.

Going To The Other Extreme

Once you learn how to release others' emotions from yourself and instead center on your own internal emotional and mental state, it becomes easier to let go of all kinds of stuff. This freedom is deserved. You have not really turned your empathy off, but you may be changing it into the more useful 'clairsentience'. Clairsentience allows us to sense all kinds of things but we do so detachedly. It is not personal. You can sense everything without feeling it inside yourself so intimately.

It is rare that an empath will go to the other extreme to become unfeeling, for you will always be very feeling in nature. But you may go through a stint of declining to help others, so know that this is normal, but not permanent. You may decide to take a break from helping others constantly. You need to recover and get the hang of your new found freedom from what you thought was a curse. Over time you will learn to only help those who you are meant to, and not just everyone, for this is not your job on earth. No one can heal everyone they come across. Choose carefully who you give your energy to.

See The 7 Types Of Empaths including Animal, Plant & Medical Empaths.

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