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What Are Angel Numbers?

When we keep seeing angel numbers everywhere, it is hard to ignore! This is no coincidence. The angels know exactly how to catch our attention in a positive way, and have messages for us. All we have to do is work out what the numbers mean. The expert in this is angel expert, Doreen Virtue, and now that she has brought attention to this angel number phenomenon, numerologists and everyday people alike are studying this.

What Are Angel Numbers?

angel numbersAngel Numbers are sequences of numbers that are repeatedly seen throughout daily life, like number patterns that catch our attention. The number 111 may be repeatedly seen on the clock each day when we see 11:11. How do we know to look at the clock at that exact moment each day? Some people wake at night at exactly 3:33. Then everywhere they look they keep seeing 3's. They may live in apartment 33 on the 3rd floor and catch bus number 33 each day to work. It is hard to ignore such coincidences, and people get a growing feeling that there is a reason for this. Even people who do not believe in angels!

It is difficult to be afraid of harmless numbers, so this is why angels use them. According to numerology, the study of numbers, each number has its own vibrational energy and meaning. Numbers represent different things. One number alone has less power, like 5 for example. But the number 55 (called a super number) repeats the numbers power, and 555 (a super power number) has even more power. We do not have to deliberately harness the power if we don't want to. Numbers have a way of finding us anyway.

Are Angel Numbers Real?

Absolutely, according to the angels themselves. Yet not everyone will believe in them, and that is fine. The more intuitive we are, the more real they appear. Even the disbelievers begin  to question and open up their intuition when enough odd number occurrences begin to happen to them. This is the fun of numbers. Angels love to make us think, wake us up, and it is all in fun! They want us to believe in them, and why not.

Angels Are Close

Sometimes when we see these numbers, we become aware of some kind of intelligence that may be communicating with us in a non-threatening manner. When we research it, we find out it is angels. Angels are becoming known for their numbers! If nothing else, this is comforting; we know that someone is around us watching over us and helping or guiding us. The angels are close, and are not ignoring us. Yet numbers are more than this because they have specific messages. Sometimes the fun is in finding out what these messages are.

On this site, I will be writing more articles about specific angel numbers and their meanings. We can ask our angels directly what their message is. By sitting quietly or meditating, we can empty our mind and ask them questions, then wait to see if any information comes to mind from them, be it words, images, or feelings. Sometimes they will just tell us what their message means.

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