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How To Read Angel Numbers

There are several easy techniques to read angel numbers and interpret the messages from our angels. We may notice repeating number sequences and feel a jolt of intuition. We know they come from angels, but how do we read them? This guide will explain the simple techniques involved. Angel Numerology is really not difficult, however, if you need an introduction to angel numbers first, please read my article What Are Angel Numbers

Birthday Numbers

reading angel numbersIf birth date numbers start to show up in the numbers you see around you in life, this is a clear message to begin to focus on your life purpose, and where you are going in life. Perhaps of late you have strayed from this purpose, or become confused, diffused, or distracted from what you came here to do in life. This kind of message is a gentle prod to us to rediscover our purpose and focus. It gives us pause to look at where we are and what we are doing. Could we be doing more? Have we wandered off our true path, and pursuing things that are not to our benefit? Perhaps the people in our life are distracting us from our path, or are bringing us down.

We will continue to see our birth date in subtle ways to remind us, until we heed the message of these numbers. Our angels are putting us on notice, which is often the only way they have to give us this hint. Some self reflection is needed to get back on track again.

How To Read & Interpret A Sequence Of Numbers

For one digit numbers, I am currently writing a guide on what each of these means and will place a link here soon. However, most angel numbers are sequences of numbers, either the same digits repeating, or an entire sequence of different numbers repeating.

There are some tips to keep in mind when looking at a sequence of different numbers:
  1. Number placement, or the position of the numbers in the sequence, is important to their meaning
  2. The middle number (of three) or middle numbers (more than three) are the most important and hold the main message. Look at these numbers first. For example, the number 123, we look at number 2 first as the primary number and meaning.
  3. Next, in order to more fully interpret the middle numbers, we analyse the numbers around it - the digits before and after. These other numbers give us extra information and add a deeper meaning to the primary number(s) in the center.

Adding All Numbers

In numerology, we take a sequence of numbers and keep adding them together until they reduce down to one number. Then that one number is read. This is another way to read a sequence of number.

For example, we take 987 and we do this addition: 9+8+7=24.
As this is not yet reduced all the way down to a single digit, we do this: 2+4=6
Now we have our number six and we interpret this by reading the meaning of the six.

How Do We Know Which Numbers Are Angel Numbers?

Logically, not all numbers are angel numbers. For example, when I use my TV remote and change channels, I don't start reading the numbers of the channels because that would not tell me anything.

The way we determine which numbers are angel numbers is through using our intuition. I'm afraid there isn't any other way of knowing. Luckily, we are created as intuitive beings so anyone can practice and start improving at noticing intuitive messages. I say 'notice' because we ALL receive intuitive messages from our Higher Self; some of us are just more readily able to pick up on them.

The best rule with numbers is this:

If you keep seeing numbers repeating over and over again, and each time it occurs you get a funny feeling about it - like it is significant - then it will be.

 It is how angels communicate, in cooperation with our Higher Self/intuitive self. So relax, don't worry about it, and get interpreting  those lovely angel numbers!

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