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888 Wealth, Abundance & Karma

The number 888 in numerology is a message that success is near as is worldly attainment. This makes Angel number 888 a triply blessed number, indicating increased wealth, abundance, progress and achievement.

There is no doubt that repeatedly seeing a number sequence on clocks, addresses, dockets, etc, is a sign from the angels or your Higher Self. When number eight follows you wherever you go, you know the angels are sending you a wonderful, positive message.

Good Karma Where Earned Is Coming

This number is indicates that it is finally your time. You have done enough work to improve your life and financial standing, and the rewards are near, in fact imminent. Some people never make it to this point, where they have put so much in, that it is now time to receive. I believe that many who win lotto, for example, have earned it with a life of striving and patience. Unexpected rewards begin to arrive when you see sequences of 888. Rather than take the foot off the pedal, however, keep going with your good work. You have reached a place where you no longer expect things to be just given to you; maybe that is why you can now begin to receive so easily.

As One Phase Ends

888 can also indicate a kind of completion of one cycle of your life, and you may be gearing up to naturally move in a new direction or way. If something is ending, the end of an era, this number tells us it is okay and to gently move on to something new. We are always supported by the universe, so as one door closes, another will open. Sometimes there is a short void between cycles where we may feel empty. This is natural. Feeling empty itself can be a sign of something new about to begin. Voids never last for long as the universe endlessly seeks to fill voids, even those we find inside ourself.

Keep your eyes open for new opportunities, whether it is on the work or home front. You may be beginning a new enterprise, taking a step up the ladder, or making a large emotional change. 888 strongly suggests balance is around you, so the message is don't be afraid to go for it.

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